City of Brass To Run at 4K HDR on XB1X, 1080P on PS4 Pro; Nintendo Switch Port Being Considered

Uppercut Games revealed that City of Brass will run at 4K with HDR on Xbox One X, while PlayStation 4 Pro will run at 1080P and HDR might be patched later. The developers are also considering a Nintendo Switch port for the game.

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Jackhass87d ago

They're certainly covering their bases!

thekhurg87d ago

While the Pro wouldn't be able to run 4k, there's no reason for it to be stuck at 1080p and no HDR at launch. Seems like this developer was paid to add additional resolution/feature support for xbox x instead of just making the best looking versions possible on all platforms.

darthv7286d ago

From what it sounds like... the Pro will be getting some enhancements later. So it isnt all bad.

Christopher86d ago

They aren't getting paid extra. It's just really easy to port from PC to Xbox compared to PS4, especially small studios. It doesn't excuse their lack of attempt to improve the Pro resolution and possibly quality, but hopefully they can do that post release.

Rude-ro86d ago

It’s paid timed enhancements.
Ol chirtopher down there saying “it’s easier”... it’s the same architecture Christopher.. the only thing separating them is more ram, stronger gpu, slightly tweaked cpu.
It’s just Microsoft’s new thing to hopefully salvage anyone from jumping ship more than they have now.

Christopher86d ago

***Ol chirtopher down there saying “it’s easier”... it’s the same architecture Christopher.***


PUBG86d ago

@ Rude-ro

No, what's separating them is 1.8 Tflops of GPU power, and an extra 4 GB of RAM. Nobody should be surprised by these results.

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Vasto87d ago

No more holding back it seems

SublimeStylee286d ago

Ms seems to be holding back on quality exclusives and 3rd party devs are filling the blanks. Ms seems to be holding back on creating games that fully utilize the power you paid 500$ for. Sony seems to invest and trust in 1st party goals and funding.

Vasto86d ago (Edited 86d ago )

Whats sad is that you all click on these articles to see the domination and then get upset at it. LMAO

"It is no coincidence that Game Pass coupled with backwards compatibility and the introduction of the X has seen Microsoft’s year on year sales grow strongly whereas in recent months year on year growth of the PlayStation 4 has plateaued"


There Is No Greater Power

Cyborgg85d ago


Someone is delusional. Whatever you say buddy :)

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