Don't Get Your Hopes Up For the Sega Mega Drive Mini

Chris at GameSpew: Last week's announcement of a Sega Mega Drive Mini was pretty exciting. That was, until we learned that serial Sega console developer AtGames was involved.

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Sgt_Slaughter236d ago

I was hoping someone was going to make an article about this.

SEGA dropped the ball massively with the Mini already. Immediately lost interest in it, as have many others who were excited after the announcement

darthv72236d ago

AT Games has improved since the early days of making clone systems. So to think that simply their name being attached automatically spells doom would be an insult. Sega will require it have certain aspects that AT Games would not likely have taken into consideration if it was just them. Sega will want it to be a quality representation of the MD/Genesis era in the small form factor trend we have now.

Sgt_Slaughter236d ago (Edited 236d ago )

AtGames hasn't made a good plug-in system ever, whether it be SEGA or Atari games, so yes I am insulting them. Just check the replies to their tweet about them confirming they're the ones working on it, it's filled with disappointment. I don't see how just making it smaller means AtGames will suddenly correct the many issues they've had.

This should have been an in-house product, done only by SEGA themselves. Anything less than that is wrong to old and new SEGA fans.

(EDIT) The tweet was even taken down probably due to how negative the reaction was:

isarai235d ago

Sega Never made a mini, it was always licensed off to some third party for them to do whatever with. This however seems a bit different seeing as how SEGA is actually backing it directly

Sgt_Slaughter235d ago

I didn't say they made one, I'm saying they dropped the ball with this Mini already due to involving AtGames. Direct backing or not, it's too little too late for me and many others, especially once we learned who's making it.

isarai235d ago

I think this will be different, still say don't get your hopes up, but SEGA has never directly been behind any of the third party flashback consoles, but this time they are. My guess is this will be a direct response to the very recently released Sega Genesis Flashback console AtGames just released to poor acclaim, why else would they make another product so close on the heels of a very similar product of their own?