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This isn't the God of War you know, but it might just be the PlayStation 4's best game.

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G20WLY123d ago

Playstation 4's? So this generation's best game then!

Cyborgg123d ago

As of right now or until TLOU2

goldwyncq123d ago

It has to surpass a certain Nintendo game's 97 metacritic score first...

generic-user-name123d ago

If only reviewers were as nostalgic for gow as they are for Zelda and Mario.

bluefox755123d ago

Let's be honest here, NIntendo gets held to a different standard than everyone else, everyone knows it.

roadkillers123d ago

Come on, stop being petty and enjoy the game.

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Persian_Immortal123d ago (Edited 123d ago ) s/publication/name/d

seanpitt23123d ago

The game is blowing me away full walkthrough here