EA Says it Wants to do Better, but Why Should We Believe?

"EA is evil," or so the meme goes. You need only look at any prominent gaming community during a discussion of Electronic Arts to get a sense of the feelings surrounding this company. EA dismantles and destroys beloved franchises, EA runs popular studios into the ground after buying them out, and EA is now known for some of the scummiest microtransaction features in industry history.

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isarai239d ago

Don't, remember when they said the same about ridiculous pre-order bonuses, then again for online passes, then again for Day 1 DLC, now micro transactions/lootboxes

starforge71239d ago

EA word isnt worth a damn thing they got a long ways to go before i trust anything from EA

reaper602239d ago

Until they start backing up their words with actions we shouldnt

bigmalky239d ago (Edited 239d ago )

We shouldn't at all. The next few EA games must be released complete, no microtransactions, review well and not have day one review embargoes and copies handed out to journalists at least a fortnight before it's out for a fair review.

No DLC should be announced before release and they should wait until the game has been revieved well by customers, like Horizon Zero Dawn and The Witcher III's expansions. Then, the DLC should be worth the money asked.

Only by doing thia with every release, will EA gain full consumer support again.

Also, if they get to keep Star Wars. Make a single player storied game, an RPG, a co-op squad based game, a multiplayer fps, a space combat game like Rogue Squadron and an RTS... We had all these before EA took over because the license went to multiple talented developers.

Also, bring back Star Wars Galaxies with updated graphics. That game was god tier great

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