Marvel Is Open To The Idea Of A Marvel Gaming Universe, Wants To Focus On Individual Games First

Marvel talks about the potential of a Marvel Gaming Universe.

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strayanalog209d ago

Oh, no. Marvel, or should I call you Disney? Anyway, just stay on your side of the media fence and I'll stay on mine.
The digital content and microtransactions that would be delivered once you handed over licensing to EA would find a way to move past ridiculous.

Jaypi03209d ago

Ya know, Marvel has handed their licenses to EA before in the past, and it didn't work out so they moved onto other devs.

stokedAF209d ago

Worked well for the marvel infinite roster.. I would prefer that they just lend their properties to developers they trust and get out of the way.
Insomniac chose Spider-Man as a fan. There is so much material that it would be a shame if they whittled it down to one universe and story arc. Save that for the avengers game. Where are the weird games like Deadpool kills the marvel universe?

Majin-vegeta209d ago

I would love to see a marvel fighting game handled by Arc systems

FallenAngel1984209d ago

Just keep the games individual

Making games connected to another would be too much of a hassle

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The story is too old to be commented.