Before Playing God of War, Catch Up On the Story Summary Here

The God of War soft reboot is almost upon us, and unlike most reboots, it continues the story from the original games. Here's a bit of a refresher for those of you who may have forgotten about Kratos' journey through Santa Monica Studio's version of Greek Mythology.

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bigmalky121d ago (Edited 121d ago )

The reason that it is unlike most reboots, is because it's not a reboot.

If it carries on from a previous canon story, it's a sequel. The gameplay can change, the style can change, the setting can change, but if the past is part of the continuing story, its not a reboot, soft or otherwise. It has not went back to the beginning and is a new chapter.

Has anyone called the new Star Wars movies a reboot? No... Because it follows the same rules as GoW 4, it's a new adventure in Kratos' life.

Heelix121d ago

Sure he's got a past
But I see it as a reboot.

There's no looking back for me.

aarogree121d ago

That's why they're calling it a soft reboot.

bigmalky121d ago (Edited 121d ago )

It doesn't change the facts. Soft or hard reboot requires returning to the beginning. The concept has been lost like everything else in this generation of ignorance and "I can do it my way, even if it's factually wrong.".

aarogree121d ago

But this is a beginning. A new beginning for Kratos and the God of War franchise. New setting, new gameplay mechanics, new status quo.

But enough quibbling. A soft reboot is a reboot that maintains the established continuity.

That's the literal dictionary definition.

PLAYWATCH76121d ago

Nice read. Clear and concise.

seanpitt23121d ago

Walk through here guys if your not planning on buying the game