Nintendo Labo review: The weirdest kind of fun | CNET

Scott Stein from CNET: "Nintendo Labo may be the company's weirdest idea in video games ever. And that's saying something from the same folks who've created some of the most offbeat gaming ideas in history, from wildly interesting flops like 1995's Virtual Boy to megasuccesses like the Nintendo Wii."

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Neonridr240d ago

quick.. we better bury these articles. Don't want people around here knowing that Labo is actually fun for the people who have actually tried it. /s

Razmiran240d ago

Inb4 someone says "lol nintendo fans buy anything"

The 10th Rider240d ago

Nintendo Labo is literally just pieces of cardboard /s

hulk_bash1987240d ago

Looks interesting but I'm not going to be buting it. For anyone excited about giving it a shot, have fun, there is nothing wrong with that.

Neonridr240d ago

I agree with you, but the amount of bashing about Labo the past few days was ridiculous. Especially since it was people who hadn't even tried it out insulting it. Now we are seeing article after article about how fun it is. So my comment is in jest.

The 10th Rider240d ago

Yeah, I'm personally not that interested outside of a bit of curiosity. However I have younger relatives who like to mess around with things like Scratch . . . something like Labo would be a perfect fit for them. I think the included pieces of cardboard are just the hook, the real meat is in the creation tools and it'll be interesting to see if those catch on and what people do with them.

michellelynn0976240d ago

I know. Lol I am waiting for the usuals to show up and start. Labo is getting really good reviews. I am impressed.

Prince_TFK240d ago

This product is aimed toward kid and people who are “kid” at heart. So I not surprised when the so called “hardcore” gamers here (especially a certain crowd) don’t want it to do well, reviews-wise.

Razmiran240d ago

Why? I mean, if you are not intrested just ignore it? It wont affect your life in any way

Neonridr240d ago

@Razmiran - very true, but the sheer amount of bashing it by people who either don't own Switches or haven't had a chance to try it out is just silly. It's not for everyone, absolutely, but don't put down others for either wanting to experience it or Nintendo for creating it.

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locomorales240d ago

I'm not interested at all. For the target public it'll be fun, but as a married nintendo fan with no kids it's not for me.

Looking for traditional games.

Neonridr240d ago

this won't replace that.

jaymacx240d ago

I hear ya, not every release is for everyone, however I am glad they are attempting something different that sparks my son’s creativity. I agree with Neonridr that this won’t replace the type of games we love.

Cmv38240d ago

I don't think he implied that this will replace traditional games.

Exvalos240d ago (Edited 240d ago )

If your over the age of 12 and your hype for this you need professional help.

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