God of War Looks Dreamy on PS4 Pro: Check Out the first Thirty Minutes of Gameplay

If you want to see a bit more of God of War before it launches tomorrow, you can check out the first thirty minutes of gameplay on PS4 Pro.

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Neonridr216d ago

must... resist... urge... to... spoil... the... game

This game does look jaw dropping, I must admit. I really am excited to see it in all its glory on my 4K TV tomorrow. Give me my damn Kratos statue, he will go nicely next to my Aloy one.

StormSnooper216d ago (Edited 216d ago )

I’ve waited too long to watch this now and spoil the game after this long. NO WAY I’m watching this.


Neonridr216d ago

thankfully I believe the comment is labelled as spam now.

SuperSonic91216d ago (Edited 216d ago )

Good thing reviewers say it also looks great on 1080p TVs and monitors.
So its all good!

G20WLY216d ago

Nice try Dualshockers! I shall not click until I have played the first 30 minutes myself - I just dropped by to let you know!

Hardiman215d ago

Thanks for the heads up StormSnooper! I've done great avoiding spoilers and with just a few hours to go I'm not about to start.

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Crazyglues216d ago

I know right, shouldn't there have been some amazing Statue to go with this game... But yeah I couldn't resist I clicked play... aaahhhhhhhhh... I tried to hold back... LoL (The force of the gods was too strong) Man I am pumped to start playing this tomorrow... Well actually this feels like I am playing a day early, I'm just not playing I'm watching, but still feels so good.... LoL

The game is looking so good, OMG...

As far as the statue I would have Loved, Loved, Love something like this for this game -->
My god that would have been awesome... it's 27 inches high, man it would be So Badass to get something like that.. This is not for the kids, I would have bought a collector edition in a heartbeat if it came with something like that... :)

Neonridr216d ago

lol.. I will settle for the one that comes with the collector's edition. I don't know who was responsible for making it, but I am hoping it's the same studio that made the Aloy statue. That thing is sheer beauty and looks fantastic on my shelving unit.

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DigitalRaptor216d ago

Not watching this, thank you very much.

My jaw will be dropped first-hand, many times.

Matrix6216d ago

Excited for this game to pop my cheery
eyes on the weekend! 😍

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Prince_TFK216d ago

I have only the base PS4, but I still gonna enjoy the heck out of it tonight as I got a copy early.

ClayRules2012216d ago

Yeah, no matter whether you play God of War on the base PS4 in 1080p/4KTVor the Pro on a 1080p/4KTV, you’ll get an incredibly gorgeous looking game.

SuperSonic91216d ago (Edited 216d ago )

That is a great reminder.

My TV is 1080p 120Hz. It keeps my PS4 games from looking 30fps though. I hope it doesn't affect controller input.

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The story is too old to be commented.