PUBG Considers Removing The Red Zone Feature If Players Keep Insisting

Brendan Greene said during the recent interview that if the outpouring hate towards the Red Zone continues, they might consider removing it from PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds in the near future.

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Majors238d ago

NO it keeps people on their toes and keeps the snipers at bay in the zones

Finch238d ago

Wouldn't mind seeing the red zone being player picked. Say a drop zone create with a briefcase that a player can have a pick on where to mortor. Give it something more then just random. Just a thought

frostlatch238d ago

To me the red zone is pretty useless. I mean sure it gives you a sense of tension and does keep you on your toes when you get into it but you still kind of feel like its pointless.

81BX238d ago

??? Who's complaining about this? I always run through the middle. I've only been killed 2 times. It provides an area you know will most likely not be populated and it provides noise concealment when sneaking up on someone