The Division delivers another powerhouse upgrade for Xbox One X

It may be two years old, but The Division's still an impressive tech showcase - and it's now received a highly impressive Xbox One X upgrade. Tom has all of the details.

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corroios187d ago

What was amazing was the E3 trailer of this Game. Truly amazing and next gen game. The reality was very diferent... One of the biggest let down of the Gen.

Ubisoft got so much hate with this game, because it could have been something special, but its just average and its days are long over.

Lets see if they do a better job with the Divison 2

shaggy2303187d ago


"Ubisoft got so much hate with this game, because it could have been something special, but its just average and its days are long over"

Except the game still to this day has a good player base, so good in fact that Ubisoft recently announced "year 2" of content that they will be releasing.

But hey, its obviously easier to troll on a game than to give credit where its due.

corroios187d ago (Edited 187d ago )

Like Destiny 2, there are still gamers playing it. Go see the E3 trailer reveal of this game.... and then the reality...

zerocarnage186d ago

Yet as updates came out so did most of the community come back to the game.

Have you even played the division as of late, completely different to what it was when people left, that's why people came back because of how Ubisoft have updated the game in many ways..

Pricey187d ago

I find it difficult to see differences in these videos (Compression wont help here), i'm glad Digital Foundry are around to zoom in and tell me where the differences are.
These upgrades are providing Digital Foundry with plenty of material to drive traffic to the site. I'm sure they are very grateful the pro and x exist.

gameforall187d ago

That is the stupid thing about most of these upgrades, you can't tell the difference until you zoom in. Who plays games by zooming in.

Darkwatchman187d ago

They zoom in because of this thing you gamers maybe have never heard of that YouTube is notorious for. Compression. Degradation. Loss of quality of the source file. The zoom-ins exist so that even with the horrid compression on YouTube, you can still see the sort of difference that exists. Whereas otherwise, with such awful compression, you would be hard pressed to notice image quality improvements or small graphical details at all in any YouTube videos. YouTube’s video quality is awful. I have a 4K laptop and a 4K tv and most DF 4K videos on YouTube don’t look any better than native non-compressed 1080p gameplay on my screen because that’s how horrid compression is.

But when I pop in those same games on my pro or X as in when I compared fortnite in both, I saw a massive image quality difference right from the get go which was not as noticeable in their YouTube videos without the zoom-ins.

343_Guilty_Spark187d ago

You don’t need to zoom in to see the difference.

The difference between 900p and 1080p is smaller than the difference between 1440p and 2160p.

Prince-Ali186d ago


Thats because Fortnite runs at 4k on the X and Fortnite runs at 1080p on the Pro you fool! of course the difference in image quality is more evident ¬_¬... but when it comes to most of these games... the zoom ins are absolutely necessary to see how drastic the differences are... i have a 4k tv and a pro so i watch all these digital foundry in 4k HDR enables because unlike the X the youtube app on PS4 Pro supports 4k HDR youtube (which is lowkey funny and ironic loool) and honestly speaking there is a difference to behold but its REALLY not that deep for like 90% of the games lool.. and facts still remain none of these games look anywhere near close as good as any of Sony's AAA exclusives....

KickSpinFilter186d ago

I've always looked at it this way:
Checkerboard 4K rendering to native 4K is of diminishing returns. Let's look at a beach it's boulders versus rocks for an (extreme) illustration, that was org XB1 to PS4, now we move to XB1X vs PS4 Pro. To illustrate we start looking at sand in Hawaii compared to sand in CapeCod, USA. From the same distance that we were looking at the boulders and rocks. While the sand in Hawaii is much more fine than the course sand at the Cape we can't tell the difference really from that same distance as we were from the boulders and rocks. Sure if you get on your hands and knees ya it's a big difference from 6 inches away! Most sit at least 6 feet away from their sand errrr TV.

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_LarZen_187d ago

New games. Old games. In 4K. That’s Xbox One X.

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