Resistance 2 Beta uploaded on PSN "Well like i said in another topic...i got my code from PS...always that i enter it it says it is invalid...and a mod said that the code will work when the beta goes i saw that in was down for "login" i checked my code and...IT WORKED!!!! here is the proof:

When i click in download it gives me a error mods i have to wait until the beta is completely uploaded to download?Thnaks for any info...that means the beta will begin TOMMOROW!!"

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eric1003711d ago



just Hide in caves

CliffyBee3710d ago

Please people, dont play this game! It will make my Queers of Snore Poo look like a 1963 arcade game :( Then daddy Adam Greenburger wont 'play' with me :(

Please, Im begging you. Do not play this amazing game.

Stubacca3710d ago (Edited 3710d ago )

Just as the first was.

Masta_fro3710d ago

ill trade an anybody with an R2 beta code for a Call of Duty 5 beta code...

MaxXAttaxX3710d ago

Resistance is looking really- really great. But not getting my beta code is totally LAAAAMMMME!

TheUsedVersion3710d ago

Must be a lot of ppl downloading right now because its taking forever to download. I'm 2 hours in and only 80MB downloaded with the total being 2.2GB

Rice3711d ago

zomg... to awesome i have been waiting for this forever... i finnaly can taste the wrath of nathan hale and his 8 player online co-op..

razer3711d ago

oh no! the resistance 2 mediocre beta is out? i am going to sell my 360 tomorrow because its over.


PopEmUp3710d ago (Edited 3710d ago )

plz just head out to the toilet and dump your sh#t in there that way we all be happy, btw who care if you gonna sell your brick but while you at it trade for a wii at eb so they can rip you off

Stubacca3710d ago

Dude, the 360 was over months ago!

Get over it.

TheHater3711d ago

I have yet to receive my codes, but I am refreshing my email every 5 minutes

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The story is too old to be commented.