Destiny 2 Temporarily Adds 6v6 PvP, And It Should Stay

This week, Destiny 2 finally reintroduced 12-player matches to the competitive Crucible. It’s a big step in the right direction.

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brich23391d ago (Edited 91d ago )

is it on the same tiny baby maps? Looks like they just trying to get things back the way Destiny 1 was.

Relientk7791d ago

I preferred the 6v6 PVP from Destiny 1, didn't like that they made it only 4v4 for Destiny 2.

Hedstrom91d ago

6vs6 is so much better than 4vs4 in controle. Hated controle before, now its fun.

Sayai jin91d ago

Bungie...Destiny 2 is wavering. The new franchise got old after one game...smh.

OffRoadKing91d ago

Temporarily adds back something we already had after people have repeatedly told them to bring it back, yeah they're really listing to the fan base. Next month we get the private matches back they took away, they just wont stop spoiling us.

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