Extinction Review: A One Trick Pony That's Not All Bad -

Tim of Coin-Drop Writes: "Extinction has gotten a pretty bad rap. While much of the criticism is deserved, I don't believe it deserves the amount it has gotten, as it does do some things right."

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purebennyc244d ago

Hmmm, nar it pretty much is all bad

purebennyc243d ago

true but that still doesn't make Extinction a good game by any stretch of the imagination

Spenok243d ago

I disagree that it's ALL bad, but if you read the review, you'll see I wasn't lenient on it. Nor do I call it a "good game". I think it does some things right, but overall it needed a lot more time in development.

I just don't think the game deserves a 2-4/10. That's just nonsense. There are FAR worse games.