Where is Sly Cooper?

Jacob St-Amour from Link-Cable Writes: "Sony has been on top of the gaming world ever since the release of the PS4 way back in 2013 and it seems to be keeping up momentum with no signs of slowing down. Since day one, the console has sold extremely well and it seems each game, from where it be a new IP, an exclusive collaboration, remasters or any third party entry, have followed suit with many easily becoming system sellers overnight. With all the success and accolades that the PS4 has brought, we are still waiting to see the return of one specific franchise to grace the console and that series is no other than the thieving racoon himself in Sly Cooper."

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porkChop240d ago

Didn't Sly 4 only sell around 600k across PS4 and Vita? That's probably why Sly hasn't come back. They brought him back once and it didn't sell.

Araragifeels 240d ago

Well they are working on Sly Cooper Animated Series(movie probably cancelled since Ratchet & Clank Movie was a flop) so eventually he will come back. Plus I can't blame the people for not buying it. When I bought Sly Cooper 4 day one, it was a huge let down except the Animation/graphics. The boss fight was too easy rather felt like a mini boss compare to previous Sly games, one character betray the gang without a logical reason, loading time was a pain, story was the lowest of the series, and for the fourth time, cemelina voice keep on changing (don't like new voice)

lociefer240d ago

Probably being sly somewhere, i'll show myself out

FallenAngel1984240d ago

Sony hasn’t produced many 3D platformers this generation

Only Tearaway, Knack 1&2, & the Ratchet & Clank remake

-Foxtrot239d ago

Sly 4 got a new game

Ratchet and Clank got a reboot-retelling

Jak and Daxter should take priority

Chaos_Order239d ago

Damn, I really do miss Jack and Daxter. Jak 2 is one the best games of its era.

Tross239d ago

Different studio, but yeah, I miss that series too.

Inzo239d ago

Maybe this is BluePoints next game! I think SPP is currently too busy with Ghost of Tsushima to give us a new Sly Cooper so if it happens any time soon it will most likely be a remake.

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