God of War's Creative Director Cried Over The Game's Reviews

The review embargo had just lifted on God of War, the video game the studio's creative director had sweated over for five years, and Barlog wanted to be alone as he found out what critics had to say.

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NecrumOddBoy212d ago

To Cory and your team.... Thank you!

Ceaser9857361212d ago (Edited 212d ago )

There is those hand few who will dislike on every Sony game LMAO!!

Anyways i am so excited to play this game , Got it digital and only few hours left until the game unlocks Cant wait

bouzebbal212d ago

I'm much more interested in the story of this one.. How did kratos end up in this world??!
So hyped!!!

UltraNova212d ago (Edited 212d ago )

I m not going out until I finish the whole thing. Long weekend ahead! Cant wait.

mikeslemonade212d ago

A 95 meta is like 101 on the Switch. Good job Sony, keep killing the competition.

Tiqila212d ago (Edited 212d ago )

what a retarded statement.

If at some point Sony would have killed all of its competition, it would not be a glorious moment for gamers or gaming in general. Get some education on monopolies please. Second, I am sick of the 'Switch reviewer bias conspiracy'. So many different people and opinions out there, how likely would it be that they are all biased towards a single system? Or do you believe that they meet behind closed curtains and agree on rating all the switch games higher? Whats the point? Gaming is great and everything, but people like you should really try reading a book from time to time.

Can't wait to play this one. Very hyped about the single shot camera, and how the story carries over.

ShadowWolf712212d ago


Monopolies are bad, yes, but there is most certainly a very open and apparent Nintendo bias in a lot of games media, much of it attributable to nostalgia, some to other factors.

darthv72212d ago

This is just an interesting observation but... Sony has given us two GoW games every gen since it came out on the PS2. GoW 1 & 2 on PS2. GoW 3 & Ascension on the PS3 but then they also gave us remasters of 1 & 2 as well as consolized versions of the two PSP games as well. That is six GoW games in just the last gen alone.

So while i would be expecting another GoW games this gen for the PS4... seeing how many they did last gen, it just makes sense for them to just release one and make it the best it can be. The next gen will see a sequel for sure.

mikeslemonade212d ago (Edited 212d ago )

Lol don’t insult my intelligence. Monopoly, is like high school studies.

Thing is Nintendo success doesn’t make Sony directly better. Nintendo success shifts focus to smaller budget games and gimmicky games. For examples if Labo takes off(which it won’t), Sony will try to compete and gain some of that market share. So that does not benefit us gamers if Sony sends one or several developers to make arts and crafts games. Because instead they can make this remakes like Spyro and medieval. The next little big planet. The next Teraway.

Next time don’t talk about elementary stuff like competition and monopolies. Anybody who is 14 years old or older knows that.

mikeslemonade212d ago

And it’s also true that last gen systems like the Nintendo switch are graded with a lower standard. A WiiU game is -8. And switch game is minus -6 compared to current gen games. God of War is better than any game on the switch.

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Imalwaysright212d ago (Edited 212d ago )


You know what is funny? Is that the people that say that here and I'm gonna stick to here because I know who they are, are biased themselves and biased towards Sony. I don't see guys that prefer xbox or pc putting Nintendo's reviews of 1 game in question. In fact this idea that Nintendo games get a pass is kinda new around here and it started solely because Zelda was released around the same time as Horizon and the critics had the "nerve" to review a Nintendo game better than a Sony game. Of course this went overboard because most around here are sheep.

LoveSpuds212d ago

Nice bit of revisionist history there fella, the largely American based games media, who have a deep rooted nostalgia for Nintendo franchises from their childhoods, have a long history of ranking Zelda and Mario titles highly. If you think this has been a discussion point over the last year you are deluded.

Personally, I happen to generally agree with most Zelda and Mario reviews as I loved those games.

Imalwaysright212d ago (Edited 212d ago )

I wasn't talking about the media, I was talking about N4g and how this agenda that Nintendo games get a pass started to get pushed hard around here by majority for the exact reason I mentioned: Zelda outscored Horizon. Also no, never before have I seen so many around here claiming that there is bias towards Nintendo until the sheep around here started their imaginary war between Link and Aloy and I've been coming here for 10 years. Not only that but is ALWAYS the sony fanboys bringing this up.

I don't mind talking about the media though which you are trying to reduce to the US for some reason maybe because you're american. Well I see it from an european standpoint and most of us didn't grow with Nintendo and their franchises. Most of us grew up with Sega and later Sony and we don't have this nostalgia towards Nintendo games that the sheep, who are biased themselves, say is the reason why Mario and Zelda get a pass. Care to check how well european critics scored both games? Angry Joe, an american, who said that BoTW was his first Zelda game and doesn't particularly like Nintendo loved the game. Nostalgia or not, alone it doesn't explain the universal praise that the critics showed towards BoTW and Mario.

DarkVoyager212d ago

Who wouldn’t? God of War is one of the best games ever made. Congrats to Cory and the team!

thegamefox93212d ago

I, personally, can't wait for this game...but you cant really say its one of the best games ever made, when it hasn't even been released yet.

AspiringProGenji212d ago

Bro it already is according to reviews, and many have played the gane by now.

Dragonscale212d ago

When most of the reviews say as much its pretty much guaranteed fgs lol.

ScootaKuH212d ago (Edited 212d ago )

He can, you know. Going off reviews alone it's up there with Zelda and Mario Odyssey as one of the highest rated games ever, at least for this generation. He doesn't need to have played it to know this.

Now whether he likes it when he plays it for himself is a different story but that doesn't detract in the slightest from those review scores

ArchangelMike212d ago

I'm probably going to cry when I finish this game :)

Elda212d ago

I second your emotion!

Goldby212d ago

i'm stuck in a glass case of emotion!!!!

AspiringProGenji212d ago

I’m crying that Amazon hasn’t shipped my collectors edition hasn’t yet at this time

Veneno212d ago

Yes it will be a very emotional time when it hits that this game is one of the greatest acheivements in gaming history.

G20WLY212d ago

I could tell you who else is crying over the reviews... 😏... but I won't 😉

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Majin-vegeta212d ago

You've earned your 2 month vacation Cory 😁

Rimeskeem212d ago

I hope Sony gives him the freedom to create something special to him. I am sure GoW will be a huge commercial success so I think Cory deserves it.

hulk_bash1987212d ago

I hope he gets the chance to create a new IP. He deserves the chance. He is an amazing creative director that has lead the team to create imo the two best games in the series in GOW2 and God of War.

VerminSC212d ago

Cory seems like a cool guy. I’m glad we have his team making masterpieces for PS4