Is Miles playable in Spider-man PS4? Insomniac isn't saying no

PowerUp! - "Is Miles Playable in Spider-Man PS4? We don't know, but Insomniac Games isn't denying that he is."

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FallenAngel1984119d ago

Personally I’d find it ridiculous if Mary Jane was made playable but Miles Morales wasn’t

ShadowWolf712118d ago

Why? I'm like, 3000% ok with that.

TricksterArrow118d ago (Edited 118d ago )

Mary Jane would provide a break and another POV of Spider-Man/Peter, while Miles would either: play like Mary Jane (if no super powers) or like Spider-Man (if super powers) but wouldn't delve on Peter too much. I'd say leave him as a bonus for this game as he would distract us too much from Peter. Focus on Peter and his usual band of friends and when that is done, we can move on to other Spider-Men and Women.

DivineAssault 119d ago

Idk much about Miles but Parker is in there so im game

Obscure_Observer119d ago


Miles is awesome and has some unique abilities and powers which Peter doesn´t have. But i don´t think Insomniac has the time on their favor to do Miles justice the same way they did with Peter.

Maybe on a future dlc?

ShadowWolf712118d ago

Miles has powers that don't even make any sense in relation to how he got them.

pietro1212118d ago

@ShadowWolf712 gasp you mean like every other Spider powered character?

ShadowWolf712118d ago (Edited 118d ago )

They-uh... they actually have said no. Long ways back.

So unless that changed...idk.

ZombieKiller117d ago

I bet he is! I would love it if so. I would love it if he was in the story heavily as well!