IGN: Left 4 Dead Versus Mode Hands-On

At its core, Valve's Left 4 Dead isn't a complicated game. In its main cooperative mode you play as human survivors who must, using bullets and teamwork, overcome hordes of swift "infected" (zombies) and reach the end of a more-or-less linear stage to escape. The survivors are then graded on their performance, and onto the next stage you go. That's pretty much it in terms of basic structure, but Valve's added in plenty of wrinkles to make it interesting, including split-screen offline and online co-operative modes for the Xbox 360 version.

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Lord Vader3685d ago

Looking forward to some co-op.

3684d ago
beans3684d ago

This game is going to be the scariest game ever created. It's not getting to much attention right now but I believe it will be the game I spend most of my time on. Word of mouth is going to help it a lot.

thor3684d ago

Can I ask why ANYONE is hyped about this game? Every last piece of gameplay footage I have seen involves HL2-quality graphics (pretty bad) and the gunplay consists of simply standing in one place, shooting for most of it. The whole look of the game seems clumsy, in they way that there are zombies flailing their arms at characters who, not responding, are sliding across the floor - exactly like games used to be but it's starting to look dated. Most shooters nowadays have done away with the "stand in the middle of a corridor whilst being attacked" thing.

solar3684d ago

why do u care if other ppl like it? as for the graphics, id rather have great gameplay over great graphics. the Source Engine is showing its age but it still looks pretty damn good.

thor3684d ago

I don't care if other people like it or not but there must be a _reason_ that they do, then I might see if I want to pick it up myself. I understand that graphics aren't everything but the gameplay too looks very dated to me.

solar3684d ago

some ppl like it because they just like zombies :P but im loving it because Valve is very good at creating an atmosphere. to me it feels like a zombie apocolypse. u never know when, where, how many, what types of zombies are coming at u at any given moment. its frantic! from others who have played the game watching videos doesnt do the game justice.

download the demo once its available :D and see for urself if u like it or not.

beans3684d ago

Don't let the vids fool ya. This game is going to be very pretty and also be the 1st game that lets you play out 4 different movie length horror stories in so many different ways. The AI director is a very cool touch and the lighting is going to be out of this world.

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solar3684d ago

im stoked about using strategy on the infected side. it should make confrontations more intense. want. now.

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