Xbox E3 Briefing Time Revealed with Press Invites being sent out

In less than two months, E3 will be upon us once again and today Microsoft have started sending out press invites to attend their annual briefing with the time, date and location revealed.

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Cyborgg125d ago

This event will be very important for Microsoft. I expect them to buy a major and popular third party publisher like EA or Valve

purebennyc125d ago

Hmmm that is bold! Unlikely given that they probably would have had to make a note to investors about a potential purchase that big

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Sciurus_vulgaris124d ago

I highly doubt that. Maybe a new studio or two will be opened or acquired by MS, I also hope for a few interesting first party announcements. MS needs to have a strong E3 this year much more than prior years.

Prince_TFK124d ago

I agree. It is a live or die situation for them this E3. They need to show their fans and their supporters that they are serious about making games, or this generation will be an even tougher hill to climb for them.

Rimeskeem124d ago

Or they could use the billions to make a dozen+ studios.

jukins124d ago

You cant just throw money at studios. You need the right people in the right place st the right time.

sd11124d ago

Probably do something stupid like spend billions on a single ip like pubg.

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StifflerK124d ago

I hope they invest more in their first party, hire industry veterans to helm new studios and really increase their output of games.

The_Jackel124d ago

think this will sum up most of the comments that come every year ect

WickedLester124d ago (Edited 124d ago )

Those of you saying "this E3 is very important to MS..." just stop. Nothing is won or lost at E3. You're putting entirely too high an importance on it. Generations are won and lost way before anything is revealed at E3. There is absolutely nothing MS can do to reverse their fortunes this generation. By year end they will be in 3rd place and theres nothing they can do about it.

SirJoJo124d ago (Edited 124d ago )

What are talking about, nobody is saying anything about 1st 2nd 3rd place. People are simply making note that this E3 more than ever MS needs to put up or shut up and I think many would agree. Now you should just stop trying to bring fanboy BS in to it.

WickedLester124d ago

There is no "fanboy bs" in what I'm saying. It's the truth. E3 has very little baring on how well a console does or doesn't do. That's why I don't get the whole "make or break" mentality from people. Stop looking to a singular event that's going to transform the Xbox. It doesn't work that way.

81BX124d ago

Completely forgot. I'm looking forward to overkills walking dead gameplay. Haven't seen anything yet :(

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The story is too old to be commented.