Unannounced New IP for Consoles by Yakuza Studio Is Already in Development

Looks like Sega's Yakuza Studio has something in the works beside the upcoming Shin Yakuza, and it's a brand new IP for home consoles.

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PhoenixUp160d ago

The last new IP this dev team worked on was Binary Domain

Pancit_Canton160d ago

I thought the new Fist Of The North Star was there last game.. for now.

PhoenixUp160d ago

I forgot that title was designed by them, but I was talking more about an IP they built from the ground up and not a licensed title

GBG_Jason159d ago

Binary Domain is fantastic, and the North Star game looks to be the best adaptation yet - I'm interested to see what they take on.

DigitalRaptor159d ago

That was a really good game, shows what they're capable of with a new IP.

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StifflerK160d ago

I'd like to see them reboot Streets of Rage using the Yakuza combat engine - but with added online coop.

TheOttomatic91159d ago

Damn was hoping for Binary Domain 2