Gamespot: Roogoo Twisted Towers Wii First Impressions

Shortly after the release of the Xbox Live Arcade version of Roogoo, SouthPeak announced that it would bring the colorful puzzler to the Nintendo Wii and DS. While the XBLA and DS versions will look very similar, Roogoo Twisted Towers for the Wii is an entirely new game that will add another layer of gameplay to the already challenging mechanics of the original game. Now, as you're trying to match all the colorful blocks with their respective holes in the platform, which now fall through a curved arch, you'll use your Wii Remote to shoot Meemoos that are trying to steal your blocks. SouthPeak representatives came by to give Gamespot a quick look at Twisted Towers, and so far, things seem to be coming along nicely--especially when they make it look so easy.

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