Will PlayStation 5 Go All-Digital at Launch?

There's a lot of speculation that the next generation of consoles might ship disc-less. But what could an all-digital platform mean for gamers, especially PlayStation fans? CheatCC deep dives to find out.

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Goldby211d ago

wouldn't happen as there is talks of the ps5 being BC

darthv72211d ago

I dont think BC really depends on the nature of physical media. Especially considering the games dont play from the disc. Those who buy digital versions of games would just be able to play them on the PS5 without issue. Those who buy physical... that could pose a challenge. Unless Sony adopts the process that a game previously installed from physical media, and is detected on your profile, is valid and then lets you play that version on the PS5.

They toyed around with something like that in JP with the PSP Go and those who had UMD games. Not much transpired from it but it showed promise that someone with a physical copy was able to validate it and get the digital version for the Go.

210d ago
indysurfn209d ago (Edited 209d ago )

Why would Sony show Microsoft how to share with a disc only to not allow dics? How stupid do you think they are? The own mockery would slap them in the face! They saw what happened to Microsoft with the DRM. This would be a extension of it. Because you would be dependant on being online to even buy a game!

Plus they would alienate retailers (Which sales the machines and dics) only Microsoft of the big three would be so greedy and controlling to try this.

indysurfn209d ago

On another note this sounds like an article that MICROSOFT kept running to test the waters and see how many fanboys would back them. I'm sure MICROSOFT is behind this one. Wanting people to think it is Sony. Microsoft has not learned SH!T up to their same tricks!

rainslacker209d ago (Edited 209d ago )

Would't happen because Sony doesn't want a repeat of the PSPGo, or the back lash that MS got at the start of this gen. Sony still makes a lot of money off physical sales as they sell world wide where not everyone has great internet.

There may be a discless option, but I can't see it being the only choice.


I can't see a game being made indefinitely available through digital if it's on ones profile. It'd be too easy to just rent games and stock up before selling off your console which you would never have to start again, and it's a bit of a chore to have to revalidate using the old hardware again one day....and kind of defeats the purpose of BC to require a person keep their old hardware. MS was trying to do this with their physical DRM, and it didn't go over so well. However, it's possible to code the discs individually so they could deactivate from one account should they be played in another system. however, I'm unaware that the PS4 discs support this feature. Even if it does, it hasn't been implemented, and starting it for PS4 games when the PS5 comes out,or is about to come out would just be bad PR, or extremely confusing to the layman.

indysurfn209d ago

Right ransack there are many millions of people without more than 25gig of data a month even if they pay 79 dollars because no satellite or cable in many rural areas.

darthv72209d ago (Edited 209d ago )

What i was alluding to was more about the ability for the games to be played on the PS5. If you load a bunch of digital games on an external drive then i would expect those games to be playable on a PS5 if that were the case. Doing a license transfer should be pretty painless and validation shouldnt be that difficult.

Anyone who has ever downloaded something will have a record of that in their profile history. Some games can become de-listed, this is true but the idea is sound as far as being able to retrieve what is still available. I am able to go into my profile history and dl any PS1 games i have purchased over the years and play them on my PS3, PSP or PSVita so it should work the same for games people have dl on their PS4 (provided the PS5 plays PS4 games)

GamesMaster1982211d ago

No unless they want the backlash Microsoft got when they suggested it with the X1.

Lennoxb63211d ago (Edited 211d ago )

The X1 wasn't marketed as being digital only. It was always online. It was still going to launch with a disc drive.

blackblades209d ago

Point is, best not to get backlash like ms period.

JackBNimble209d ago

MS never suggested digital only, online only is not the same thing. And it seems to many people think that buying digital means you need an online connection which is absolutely not true.

You guy's need to get your facts straight.

choujij209d ago

"And it seems to many people think that buying digital means you need an online connection which is absolutely not true."

Wait... What? lol

JackBNimble209d ago

Obviously you need a connection to buy, I meant you don't need an online connection to play unless it's an online only game.

rainslacker209d ago

MS wanted digital only. They just used physical as a delivery mechanism because they knew the console market as a whole wasn't ready for digital only games. Their plans for physical would essentially make it a digital market. Although it had the perk of being able to sell your games for a fee if you actually brought them digital. Too bad they backed out of that when they couldn't get the fee from physical games as well.

As far as buying digital meaning you need an online connection. I'm pretty sure you need that to download the game. That didn't change with MS plan. They just had the added delivery mechanism of physical for digital game paradigms, with the requirement that you needed an online connection to validate your disc, and assign that copy of software to you. Hence....a connection is needed. Facts straight.

indysurfn209d ago

hey jackBNible people understand they are two different things. People also understand that another way to make you always online is to make that the only way you can buy a game is to be online. See what they did there?

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FallenAngel1984211d ago

Has PSP Go taught you anything?