OXM Online: Age of Booty Review

On top of everything, the included map editor defines the term user-friendly. You'll even automatically download a friend's map when you connect with him. And the promise of regular, free downloadable content also enhances Booty's online appeal. OXM Online's only complaint stems from the friendly A.I. - they often make questionable choices and don't do what you want. They suppose you could argue that they're simply acting like a real pirate would, but in the context of a videogame, it sure would be nice to have a simple orders menu with choices like "Stay with me" or "Go freelance." This single gaffe, however, definitely shouldn't stop you from happily walking Age of Booty's plank.

+ Simple, addictive real-time strategy with a great theme. Who doesn't love pirates?
+ robust, party-friendly local and online multiplayer.

- Ally A.I. can be irritating.

? Why can't all games have a Halo-style party system?

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