The first OG Xbox games have hit Xbox One via Back-Compat – but which should you head back to first?

Carlos writes: "For those interested in OG Xbox games however, the list of available titles has been somewhat limited. This month’s planned releases look to change that with as many as 19 new arrivals set to take pride of place on the Xbox One.

This week sees the first of those new arrivals, but which of the OG Xbox additions should you be heading back to first?"

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Orionsangel240d ago

Too expensive for such old games. I was expecting $4.99. Which they will be eventually during a sale.

Sgt_Slaughter237d ago

Go find them in shops, you can find a few for cheap. Or just pay $10 which isn't even that much more. They're cheaper than Wii games are on the Wii U so you're still getting a deal.

Orionsangel237d ago

Yeah but I haven't bought physical media in like 3 years. I went all digital.

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Kokyu240d ago

None xboneX should be getting new exclusive

hiawa23240d ago

I just don't get it. The same people continually complain about no new games. What is the point to that? If MS doesn't have the games you want, then don't support them but this constant negativity, I just can't get with. I always own multiple consoles so I don't get attached to them but these gamers who constantly want to beat MS over the head with ever Sony release is ridiculous to me.

Gman32240d ago

@hiawa23 thats how they do on here everytime theres a article about backwards compatible games

Sayai jin240d ago

Hiawa, that's N4g for you.

TheSplooge240d ago

I want Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel 😁

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The story is too old to be commented.