Don't have time to replay the 'God of War' trilogy? Here's a recap.

The new 'God of War' works a lot better if you understand the journey that carried Kratos to from ancient Greek myth to the Norse pantheon of Midgard.

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Neonridr181d ago

Don't have time to replay the God of War Trilogy? Here's over 5 and a half hours worth of cutscenes to get you caught up... :/

BeardedDrachen181d ago

5 hours is better than 15 hours.

Neonridr181d ago

lol, oh totally. I just joked at the "quick" catchup. I actually fully plan to watch these three to get me prepared for 4 on Friday.

Bathyj180d ago

I'm on the toilet and was going to catch up. Thanks for saving me the click.

Hardiman181d ago

I'm playing through part 3 again as I get ready for Thursday!

oasdada180d ago

Playing 3 again.. And damn its fine fine epic game.. Cant wait for GOW

SinisterKieran180d ago

or just read the text underneath the videos?

Neonridr180d ago

I guess if you want the short-short version :P

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Matrix6180d ago

I've only played 1,2 and 3. Is that enough?

Prince_TFK180d ago (Edited 180d ago )

Thanks you are doing God’s work. I had played 1, 2, and 3 but only manage to beat 3. Even so, I don’t remember what the story was about.

RedDeadLB180d ago (Edited 180d ago )

Kratos kills everything greek because he hella mad about being tricked into killing his family.

There you go.

DivineAssault 180d ago

Kratos was rage incarnate.. Dude had absolutely zero Fs to give.. Killing innocent people, having 3 somes ("Graaggh" bonus red xp orbs), then slaughtering the Gods despite any repercussions.. I agree that the character needed to evolve passed the repetitive one sided personality.. Still a vicious mofo in this one so i welcome it..