Taro: "If Square Enix gives me money I will create anything"

Nier: Automata's multiple playthrough design a result of budget restrictions, but Yoko Taro is open to making a sequel.

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Pancit_Canton218d ago

Sony give this guy another contract.

Matrix6217d ago

Better off at Sony, they give you unlimited freedom!

PhantomS42217d ago

If Square knew what was good for them they would have him a blank check and let him go wild.

Hylian10217d ago

Let him do a Final Fantasy game.

CaitSith217d ago

With how shitty the current FF games have become (I hated FFXV), giving it to Yoko Taro would certainly give it some fresh air.

Shinox217d ago

and I give 0 crap about this guy overrated shit , better hand that money to Takashi Tokita

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