Rainbow Six Siege continues to grow thanks to wise updates

Rainbow Six Siege almost became a forgotten game, but thanks to wise updates by Ubisoft, it’s a strong title with a great community.

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Derceto241d ago

Pretty sure it continues to "grow" (lol, really?) due to "free weekends" on Steam. Counting registered users for the success of a game is hilariously pathetic and desperate.

neocores8055241d ago

umm no? i just bought it and so have 5 other friends cuz we tried the free week and loved how they made the game better. IDK why you are hating and being a troll.

GameBoyColor241d ago

It's still top 5 most played game on steam daily. It's highly successful even after 3 years where most shooters die out after 1 (cod, bf, titanfall)

Magnetar241d ago

It’s also been in the top 5 on xbox for over a year, I’m sure it’s the same for PlayStation too.

Dlacy13g241d ago

Really enjoy this game. Looking forward to the Enhanced patch they said would be coming for Xbox X as if there is one complaint about this game is that it isn't the prettiest one at the dance.