God Of War: Spoiler-Free Answers To Your Biggest Questions

Game Informer tackles your biggest concerns without ruining any mysteries about the next chapter in Kratos' story.

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Jman1553242d ago

No new game plus? Dang, that was always so much fun.

jeremyj2913242d ago

No one asked if you get at least one more weapon? Really?😑

Jinger242d ago

Because It's already confirmed all you have is The Leviathan, Shield and Atreus' Bow... and of course your fists.

CP_Company242d ago

they not gonna talk about them. what is a point to ask? go, and check trophies, they spoiling about them a little bit.

jeremyj2913242d ago

Don't need specifics. I'm sure there is at least 1 more.

defogiko242d ago

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