Not the god you once knew - why God of War is a GOTY contender already

God of War releases this month (April) and Red Bull Games Australia has been "slaving over it" to deliver you a breakdown of just why this might already be 2018’s Game of the Year. Read on to learn why…

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ILostMyMind65d ago

Imagine that person who pre-ordered GoW and his PS4 breaks on the launch eve ... 😵

Sniperwithacause65d ago (Edited 65d ago )

Why would you jinx me like that!? LOL
My launch day PS4 still alive and kicking like a beast. Gets dusted every other weekend.

InKnight7s65d ago

My pro had gaven that bad joke of being bootless machine then out of nowhere its just run back normaly after 10 mins, so yeah I had got this aweful feeling and I hope no one have to experience it.

Inzo65d ago

Judging by the review scores I would say GOW is more than a contender.

billythepunk65d ago (Edited 65d ago )

The rest of the year and its releases still need to play out. It’s April, not December. Plenty of great gaming still on the horizon, so yes it’s still a contender.

Inzo65d ago

Well that depends on your point of view. My point of view is that no other game will reach a 95 avg score, so yes its more than a contender.

billythepunk65d ago

No room in there, at least, for Red Dead Redemption 2?

G20WLY65d ago

Hey Billy, thanks for slaving over GOW for us, it must have been quite the hardship lol

I hope RDR2 does get scores like GOW has received, but - R* reviewers pass notwithstanding - I'm not confident it will. We'll see!

Inzo65d ago

I did take RDR2 into account and it will undoubtedly score high but even if it can match GOW I dont think it will release in time for award season.

Ninver65d ago

Why people assume games released during the Christmas season are more likely to be goty is beyond me. The year consists of 12 months. Gow will still be talked about.

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joab77765d ago

I don’t understand articles like this. There were ones for Zelda last year too. Like...of course, when a game is being called “best of a generation”, it is gonna be a GotY contender.

MarineLineman65d ago (Edited 65d ago )

I heard the game is demolishing Gamestop’s Personal sales projections; something 200%+ above reserves expectation.