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Tokipost.com - 2.5 was good, so what's next?

Since the newest PS3 firmware has been dropped upon us, it's always a great time to whine about features we don't have and hope that the next firmware brings them. (Side note: The new trophy look is great, love the comparison between level and percentage to the next level). These are simple suggestions as to some improvements the PS3 system could make to become an even better console (and also to shutup fanboys). So calm down if you got heated about the topic (if you did, you're a fanboy too) and just read on. (Culture, Dev, Earth Defense Force 2017, Gears of War, Heavenly Sword, Industry, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, PS3, Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction, Xbox 360)

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ThatCanadianGuy  +   2596d ago
I agree with the bigger comment box.It sucks only being able to say like 3-4 words.

The rest..meh..
will11   2596d ago | Spam
VampHuntD  +   2596d ago
Congrats on being troll number 1. Who cares what XBox had/has? Years later and it doesn't have free online either so what's your point?
Bathyj  +   2596d ago
Theres always one jerk isn't there?

But, but, but XB has had this since........ who cares?

XB has lots of things PS3 doesn't, RRoD, a 3year warranty to stave off class action suits, shady corperation backing it, farquits for customers. Complete lack of games for a year. I think maybe Wii got more good games than XB this year. Man thats bad.

You can keep that stuff.

If you were so happy with it you wouldn't be here in this thread.

BTW, when did you get Flash 9?
aceitman  +   2596d ago
if they can make all games 1080p like the ps2 games and movies ill be happy
vdesai  +   2596d ago
Wait when did xbox get a browser with Flash Player 9?
beoulve  +   2596d ago
keyword, HAD.
XBOX had all the feature. now it's all gone.
Mikelarry  +   2596d ago
i was
looking forward to a notification sound (when you recieve a message) and also the ability to appear offline.
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VampHuntD  +   2596d ago
Good ideas
Those would be nice, it is annoying sometimes when you're just trying to do a burnout challenge and can't due to people inviting you.
trancefreak  +   2596d ago
i would like a tailored ps3 version of firefox. now that would be sweet
jamesrocks3147  +   2596d ago
sony delivers in FW no dowt how ever
Across game Voice Chat is what is needed for ps3 then i think ps3 will be a much easyer and simple place to play online games and set up matches easyly! personally i fort it wud be coming in 2.5 FW but nooo come on sony! ur doin ace so far
pwnsause  +   2596d ago
The PS3 not only needs Cross game voice chat/Messages, but it needs Cross game invites. I think PS3 owners can agree with me that the Invite system on the PS3 is kind of broken. Thats a bigger priority than Cross game Voice Chat and Cross Game Voice Messages.

For example, lets say im playing a game of Soul Calibur IV, but a friend of mine is inviting me to play a game of Puzzle Fighter. Once i accept the invite, the PS3 should close Soul Calibur IV and it will automatically boot up the game from the Hard Drive, or Ask me to boot up the game from the Blu-Ray Disc, from there the PS3 should take me straight into the Lobby were my friend is waiting for me. This is definitely possible especially that that we now have in-game XMB.

If they Put this, then the PS3 is up to par with live.

in terms of optional programs, the PS3 should have a community calendar under the PSN icon. once i access that calendar, it will take me a native Calendar program on the PS3 and it gives me the days of the week on what the Playstation community is doing, such as Tournaments, gatherings, etc. Not to mention shipping dates for games and of course allowing me to view the PS blog natively thru this handy Dandy Calendar program. Wouldn't that be cool?
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Nitrowolf2  +   2596d ago
Im not sure but mybe sony has this implemented kind of.
They can send you a game invite even if you not playing that game, its just a normal message until you go into the game you can start the game then. IDK if thats the same or what, but i mean As soon as you see that invite you can just leave the game and pop in the disc then join (after it has loaded the screens of course)
pwnsause  +   2596d ago
thats why im saying its broken though. the invite sends it to the recepient as a normal message. i cant accept the invite if im playing a different game.

I believe that the concept that i just stated would make PSN up to par with XBL. games that that already have the Built in PSN invite system in place wouldnt need a patch if such a firmware update came with that ability.
kewlkat007  +   2596d ago
"Across game Voice Chat - Personally I don’t get this one, but people keep asking for it."
Haha yeah you don't get it because SONY doesn't fn get it.

Such important feature and he doesn't get it..
ThatCanadianGuy  +   2596d ago
Talking to a friend while he's playing a game and im at the XMB doing nothing is an important feature?

I Don't like to be disturbed while im in the middle of a match.Thats why i turn off my cell.

Why would i want someone on my friend list talking on and on about nothing?
VampHuntD  +   2596d ago
Agreed With ThatCanadian
Why would I want a buddy who is distracted by playing, let's say a sports game as he's yelling about slam dunking on some dude while I'm trying to dodge gunfire in Gears of War? I agree with the article, what point is there in across game chat when you still have to get up to change the game anyway? Not like you both can say, hey's lets duck out of these games and play Halo. You have to go through the same process with chat as you do without. So meh to it.
UltimateIdiot911  +   2596d ago
I don't know why Cross game chat/invite is that important. I hate answering and talking to someone during the game unless it's teamwork. If I want to invite a friend to join me, I just shoot a message.

The must for me is .mkv.
kewlkat007  +   2596d ago
Well it's a good thing your guys represent
0.000026666666666666667 of the PS3 community..lol

Plenty want that feature. It's not all about what you like or don't.
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Nitrowolf2  +   2596d ago
agreed canadian
i'll agree, i dont need to be talking to my friend that are not playing the same game with me, i can see this still being a usful feature when you sitting in a lobby waiting for the game to start up. But other wise i want to concentrate on the game, and if my buddy wants to talk to me then he can get in the game with me.
beoulve  +   2596d ago
wait a minute, this dude was preaching that he doesn't like online and community in LBP and now he talked about Across game chat, network ability...Amazingly flip-flop.

This dude is pretty much XBOX 360 fanboy. From time to time again, he will attack PS3 and defend XBOX 360. Both in polite manner. He claimed that he has 3 consoles.. most likely he does but it doesnt mean he's not a xbox 360 fanboy. Just looks at his history and you will know it, it follows the same trend, defend xbox 360 attack PS3.

"Well it's a good thing your guys represent
0.000026666666666666667 of the PS3 community..lol"

And your preference represent 99.999973333333333333333% of the PS3 community. Get a grip, you're not that big. either, funny how you can lol those ppl but failed to see u are loling yourself too.
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Nitrowolf2  +   2596d ago
sony needs to add
-Cross game invite (maybe this should be based off the developers, look at RSV1 and 2 they have it don't they?)
-cross game voice chat
-fix the clock and controller bat. level, idk move one of them a bit lower
-more icons (avatar)
-more PS1 and get some PS2 titles on PSN
-Make the XMB run smoother when in-game(its still a bit slow)
-Throw in some, music visual or if possible even have it so we can make custom music visual
-A way to organize your friends list, idk perhaps having a rating system for each friend, you know so when its time to kick some off, then you can kick those who have the lowest rating
-increase text for comment
-Ability to send music? idk about this one if its needed but it would be kind of cool
- Oh and i know this has been confirmed (i think it has) but they need to get the Playstation site to be able to send messages to your friends (through the computer not system)
-User account password(Optional) (not PSN)
-support for MKV file playback
-In-game XMB for PS2/PS1 games

-support for MKV files
- Voice massaging / Voice Recognition
-Sound notification when receiving a message, friend signed in, chat invitation
-Ability to save internet connection, then rather going through all that process just to get internet, like PSP does it where it saves a connection
-Ability to copy-paste
-Ability for messages to acess HTML
-Perhaps some kind of calender to keep track of PS3 games? idk but i constantly go look on Gamestop site just to see when a game comes out, It could be a type of application or put it in Life with Playstation
-background install if possible

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pwnsause  +   2596d ago
ony needs to add
-Cross game invite (mybe this should be based off the developers, look at RSV1 and 2 they have it dont they?)-High Priority

-cross game voice chat- Low Priority, Cross game messaging would be better though, i dont like to be disturbed while playing. i rather get this in a form of a message

-fix the clock and controller bat. level, idk move one of them a bit lower- high Priority

-more icons (avatar)-Some what recommended

-more PS1 and get some PS2 titles on PSN- High priority, unless those games are getting remade, they are not needed (example Marvel vs. Capcom 2 might get HD graphics and online play, PS2 version not needed)

-Make the XMB run smoother when in-game(its still a bit slow)- Pretty sure that they attempt to do this with every Firmware update.

-Throw in some, music visual or if possible even have it so we can make custum mosic visual- thats to much work, but new music visuals are more than welcomed.

-A way to organize your friends list, idk perhaps having a rating system for each friend, youy know so when its time to kick some of them you can kick those who have the lowest rating- you mean like a Fave 5 kind of thing, thats more than welcomed as well.

-increase text for comment- more than welcomed

-Ability to send music? idk about this one if its needed but it would be kind of cool- You Know sony would allow such a thing. RIAA would rip them apart. in fact they would rip themselves apart, they own a music studio and are members or the RIAA i believe.

- Oh and i know this has been confirmed (i think it has) but they need to get the playstation site to be able to send messages to your friends (through the computer not system)-yup full PSN integration into the PC is coming according to them, we will probably be able to see our Trophies and our gamercards would be official.

-User account password(Optionnal)(Not PSN)- High Priority, i hate it when someone logs in turn on my PS3 and mess around with my PS3 user account and my PSN Account.

-support for MKV file playback- Low priority

-Ingame XMB for PS2/PS1 games- Low Priority

-Sound notification when receiving a message, friend signed in, chat invitation- we get notifications on the PSN. Now if you mean flashier Notifications instead of bland notification that we get, then i can agree with that.

-Ability to save internet connection, then rather going through all that process just to get internet, like PSP does it where it saves a connection- not needed.

-background install if possible- they should investigate that.
PimpHandStrong  +   2596d ago
did ppl notice
when a user is inactive you can see how long its been since they signed on! I deleted a couple ppl that havnt signed on in over 30 days! Really great update! That will make my friends list that much better considering im starting over...i have 30 friends now when i had about 60!

Well done Sony
Bathyj  +   2596d ago
I've got 1 guy at 191 days.

I dont think he's coming back.
VampHuntD  +   2595d ago
Some guy I played COD4 with is over 200 days. I shall miss him...
Harry Flopper  +   2596d ago
Next is you proceed to write an article on how now the xbox 360 is a dry log compared to the ps3,you must do so quickly.
ReBurn  +   2596d ago
I can't think of any features that I need right now. I'm thrilled with the Flash 9 support in the browser. I'm pretty happy with the PS3 right now.
poopsack  +   2596d ago
all id like, is cross game chat, and voice messages.
Bathyj  +   2596d ago
No ones really said anything about it, but hooray for sequencial video playback. Its not quiet playlist but at least now you can dump a heap of music videos in a folder and it will keep playing rather than stop after each one. Groovy baby.
Bathyj  +   2596d ago
Give us Google Earth and Mame. Hehe, yeah right. I should just install Linux and then Mame.

Anyone done that?
Farsendor1  +   2596d ago
across game voice chat i don't get neither i mean why would i need that? i want a feature that lets me talk to a clan or my friends privately while we are playing the game i have a mic i don't use it thats the only way i would.

hate talking to random people i don't know
Close_Second  +   2596d ago
I would like to see....
- An XMB that responds faster when you pull it up during a game.
- A better web browser. Yes the one on the PS3 is functional but we all agree it could be better. The latest upgrade helped but its still not quite up to it.

Can't think of much else right now as to be honest, the PS3 is still great value for money.
zo6_lover27  +   2596d ago
"Rename files on Hard drive - Currently I have the MGS4 Soundtrack on my PS3 hard drive (It rocks). However, the music naming system didn’t recgnize the CD as Metal Gear and as such I have a bunch of generic named tracks in a generic named folder. Not such a big deal if I could rename them right then and there, but I can’t. This one should be an easy firmware fix. While we’re on the subject…"

I thought that we could already do that.
ugabugaz  +   2596d ago
FW 2.5 actually broke something. You CANNOT sign out without turning off the PS3. Try it, that little option is nowhere to be seen.
zo6_lover27  +   2596d ago
Yes you can, go to account management and press triangle
Close_Second  +   2596d ago
...go to your user name under "Users" and select triangle and then sign out.
Skynetone  +   2596d ago
A games release calender would be a nice feature
cant wait for st-fighter hd / res 5

id like the option to turn off the demo sounds, when scrolling down threw the demos section

id like a feature in the photo section, where you can add music to a slide show, and a few more slide show effects and even be able to post it on youtube from the ps3
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tk  +   2595d ago
Better Linux GameOS switch support
Would like to have the Linux Support better - like starting up and ending Linux easier - not selecting to restart. No biggie - but would be nice. Looks like a steady list of improvements.

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