Epic Considering More Than 100 Players in Fortnite Battle Royale & Closer Integration with PvE Mode

Epic's Fortnite Design Lead Eric Williamson revealed that team has talked about possibly going over the current cap of 100 players in Fortnite Battle Royale. They are also looking into how to integrate it more closely with the Save The World PvE mode.

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UltraNova217d ago

Yes but the current map is calibrated for 100 players. I think anything over 120-150~ would be Overkill.

Epic, we need more maps...

roadkillers216d ago

I disagree. Keep one map, but make it bigger. If a larger island and amount of players does not work then eliminate it.

*Spoilers* Just like tilted tower...*Spoilers*

crazychris4124217d ago

Mavericks is trying to get 400 players and 1000 player hubs

KaiPow217d ago

PC, I could see that happening.. not so much on console.

crazychris4124217d ago

Who knows on PC too. They are claiming destructible environments, fires that spread, tracking footprints, AI wildlife, dynamic weather with the great graphics of Cryengine. That's a lot of stuff for the server to handle.

Prince_TFK217d ago

Cryengine? Good luck with that.

XisThatKid217d ago

The game runs fine on. Mobile as is, I don't think it's such a daunting task only can be achieved on the savior PC platform.

PressPlayBros217d ago

MAG did 256 players on PS3.

subtenko216d ago

I hope you know ts not all about power of a console but the development of the actual game too... you can get 500 players in a map on a cellphone game if you develop it right..

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porkChop217d ago

With all the stuff they're trying to do, I don't see how they can pull it off with 400 players.

C-H-E-F217d ago

Tilted Towers really about to be poppin lOl

TheGamez100217d ago

And maybe 5-6ppl in a party? Tons of my friends play so thatd be epic.

Chris_Wray217d ago

While over 100 sounds good, I'm more than a little surprised they haven't gone for a smaller game as well, say 50 on the smaller starter island. I like the save the world mode as well so integrating it in more would be great.

XisThatKid217d ago

Especially since it's going free to play as well

subtenko216d ago

Im still waiting on this F2p thing.... was supposed to be early 2018...if its not out by end of year I give up. I havent play it at all and I just not checked out H1Z1 battle royal (I had h1z1 day 1 but never played battle royal)

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