God Of War PS4 Officially Approved For Sale In UAE

God of War series has not fared well when it comes to allowing its sale in the Middle East/

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NecrumOddBoy244d ago

I don't think the Middle East ever deserves to get any video game of a AAA caliber. Their retailers will leak the game two weeks early which sucks so bad. It's always the UAE and the UK that seem to have stores to break Street dates with no regard to respect.

ArchangelMike244d ago

You clearly didn't read the article. God of War has been approved for sale - which means UAE retailers are allowed to stock and sell the game - without controversy regarding the religious connotation of previous God of War titles that have been banned in UAE and Saudi Arabia because of their content. The article has nothing to do with street date being broken, and is not suggesting that it has... not yet anyway.

NecrumOddBoy244d ago (Edited 244d ago )

I read it. My comment is in reference to a reason I don't like ME retailers getting copies early.

But in regards to the article, I think it's great that the game is not being censored by the government. Freedom of speech is something that I support strongly and artistic expression deserves to be treated with equality.

zaherdab244d ago

so u're saying people of a certain region don't deserve to play AAA games because street dates were broken.... you sure sound all about freedom of artistic expression alright ...

lociefer244d ago

What if i told u i got a copy a week early here in toronto ? Lets not ship games to canada too... smh

MaxiPower90244d ago

i know plenty of places in the us that get games early. should it be banned in thr states as well. whar a plonker you are.

bouzebbal244d ago (Edited 244d ago )

so the UK shouldn't get AAA games either?
pack your stuff and get out ..

freedom of speech?? haha they fed you well!

Skuibbles244d ago

Fun fact: The UK isn't in the ME.

shaggy2303243d ago


Bit of a news flash for you there sonny, stores in the US also release games early. Think perhaps we should ban the US of A from getting the game as well?

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victorMaje244d ago

The Middle East is more than just the UAE & KSA.
Other countries have had no problem with artistic forms of expressions of all kind.
The article talks about games like GTA that were banned, it should stick to saying UAE or KSA, not Middle East :)
Imagine it hadn’t done well in the UK, would you say it didn’t in Europe? Sure Europe is a continent but same difference.
In any case welcome UAE to a more open world, hopefully we’ll see more of that in the months to come :)

Prince_TFK244d ago

I just got news that my local game shop will start selling GOW on 18th April, 2 full days before official launch date.

I cannot wait. I’m gonna take my time and slowly explore every areas.