EA says it’s learned from Star Wars Battlefront controversy, vows to ‘be better’

‘It’s clear to us that players see the company differently than we do’

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submarinna240d ago

you're only sorry cos u got caught

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thekhurg239d ago

They're sorry - but then they put micro-transactions BACK in for tomorrow's update.

Yeah ... you guys learned a colossal ton of nothing.

indysurfn238d ago

Thekhurg RiiiiGHT? They are such liars!

RacerX238d ago

"It's clear to us the gamers see the company differently than we do".

Actually, the problem is that gamers DO see EA the way you do. That's its a money machine, and you're willing to bend your gamers over for a buck.

They are only sorry because there was enough backlash to affect their bottom line. Every other game company is still using the same tactics, but just BARELY less than EA so that they can get away with it.

Gaming in its current state is sad. As a slightly older gamer, I feel sorry for you young bucks that didn't experience gaming in its prime.

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-Foxtrot239d ago

He acts like they will change but they won’t

It just means being my sly about it and hiding it better. Anthem will end up having them some way.

UltraNova239d ago

Exactly. Its almost certain they will come up with a brand new way of shoehorning MTs/Loot boxes into the game. Even better release the game with just cosmetic MTs and after a couple months introduce the "real MTs".

Haven't bought an EA game since BF1 amd I wont be buying another one until they get their shit together.

1-pwnsause-1239d ago

They’ve been singing the same tune since the ps3/369 day’s, “oh we’ll change for the better”

Buuuuulllllllshhhhh********** tttt..

Haven’t bought an EA game for a while, never will, I still don’t even know if I should get A Way Out or not....

SolidGear3239d ago

Least they got rid of the stupid $10 pass (or buying the game brand new) just to play the online component. Remember that shit?

FinalFantasyFanatic238d ago

That really upsets me because the settings and idea of anthem really appeal to me, but looks like EA will screw it up going by the news I've heard the last couple of months.

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narsaku239d ago

Who downvoted you?!?!?!? No, it's NOT possible!... A mistake, right? Missclick... Yea. Missclick.

princejb134239d ago

EA been garbage past 2 generations. I avoid their games like a plague

rainslacker238d ago

Kinda keep picturing the south park episode where the exec for bp kept making commercials saying how they'd be better and they were sorry.

Sadly, this isn't the first time that ea has come under such fire

No Way238d ago

Actually, they are not sorry. Not sorry they got caught either. They'll continue their same bullshit. Watch. Also, they've been rated one the worst companies.... for how long? As IF they didn't know how customers/fans/gamers felt about them. Get outta here..

Nothing will change - or will only change for a fraction of time.

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PhoenixUp240d ago

More like regretful cuz they couldn’t get away with it

lxeasy239d ago

‘It’s clear to us that players see the company differently than we do’
No we see you for what you are GREEDY$$$$$$$

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-Foxtrot239d ago

“from the game in an attempt to save the negativity from spreading to The Last Jedi”

Ha. I think they f***** up that film on their own, butchered it completely.

Kokyu239d ago

Totally agree it was pretty terrible.

-Foxtrot239d ago

Yeah the film just shit all over the past films and even JJ Abrams work on the Force Awakens which he spent setting things up with small plot points. Instead Rian "Mr Big Shot" Johnson came long and was like "f*** this, I'm doing my thing" and made it seem like this film was standalone ruining every plot point JJ set up. This is coming from a guy who didn't like the Force Awakens that much and yet this film made it come off better along with making me appreciate the Prequels more.

Superman Leia, ruining Lukes character, Finn being boring, Rose being this SW Jar Jar Binks, that entire Finn/Rose side story, awful development of characters, silly plot points, awful pacing, some plot holes, more questions then answers, Snoke being wasted, Phasma being useless again...I could go on.

AnubisG238d ago (Edited 238d ago ) milk and feminism!! You guys don't know how to SJW.



Chexs1990239d ago

Couldn't agree more bruv. The last Jedi literally broke the fandom, while Johnson and Kennedy refuses to recognize even the slightest error in judgement during the making of the film -_-

-Foxtrot239d ago

Have you seen how many "Rian Johnson explains..." articles we have? It's unbelievable, literally explaining and defending every possible thing. If you have to do that as a film maker then you've not done a good job but his arrogance is just astounding. "bu bu but critics loved it" yeah but it's like video games where most suck up to high end respected developers and franchises, people didn't want to p*** Disney off and call something as a big as Star Wars.

The worst part is that Rian is STILL doing his own trilogy...they are actually still letting the guy do his own films still. I would have gotten rid of him because sales mean f*** all because it's Star Wars, people will see it regardless but if it's getting awful fan reviews then you need change.

Chexs1990238d ago

Yeah, I know. He is a self-bloated moron, that guy. At one point I actually tried to find just one article where either him or Kennedy accepted some of the criticism, but it literally doesn't exist!

And honestly, I don't think Disney cares at this point, still having him do his own trilogy. Like you said, the franchise name will sell, if not to fans, then to kids, because of the spectacle of it all -_-
It just a cash cow now, nothing else

strayanalog239d ago

Let me see if I can translate this, my EA is rather rusty.‎

"We have taken significant steps as a company to review and understand the mechanics around monetization, loot boxes, and other things in our games before they go to market."
- Translation: You guys caught on quick, so we're going to find better ways of screwing you over.‎

"For games that come next, for Battlefield or for Anthem, [players have] made it very clear that we can’t afford to make similar mistakes. And we won’t."
- Translation: A little reminder that we have IP that people enjoy, plus a new IP we're going to sneak in every time we talk or apologize, but we will have our vengeance on the community in the form of a new "mistake."‎

Sanctimonious a-holes.‎

submarinna239d ago

u are an awesome translator.

SolidGear3239d ago

Wish I had your mad translation skills

AnubisG238d ago

Your EA should be accepted in Google transalte!