God of War: The Evolution of Kratos

New video details Kratos’s journey from God of War III to 2018’s God of War.

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capjacksparrow243d ago

Spoilers: He has a full beard in this one.

Damn, I've been trying to avoid spoilers this whole time. Seriously though, been trying to watch as little as possible, can't wait for Friday!

himdeel243d ago

What what, now the game is ruined!!!

ArchangelMike243d ago

Dude don't freak me out like that! :D

Hardiman243d ago

Such an emotional and intense arc his character has been on and is going on! Love the part when he's looking at his forearm with the wrapping hanging and showing blood! He pauses as if to look back on who he was when he called to Ares and how those chains changed his life, then he comes back to himself and yanks the wrapping tightly and begins to wrap his arm up again. This has to hurt and maybe that's what he thinks he deserves! Thursday needs to get here ASAP!!!