GOG is discounting more than 150 of its most wishlisted games until April 23rd

GOG has launched a sale on over 150 of its most wishlisted games. From today and until April 23rd, PC gamers can find games such as The Witcher 3, Divinity Original Sin 2, Freespace 2, Grim Dawn, Planescape Torment and more at great discounts.

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kevnb241d ago

Divinity Original Sin 2 still only 15% off :(

Iceball2000241d ago

SWAT 4 is tempting!!! With the Elite Force mod! Epic mix

PapaBop241d ago

Thanks for mentioning Elite Force, never even heard of it before, can't wait to try that out.

Iceball2000241d ago

No problem! You will love it, brings new life to the SWAT game! And the mod has been getting consistent support for a couple years now as well.

maelstromb241d ago (Edited 241d ago )

If any of you guys haven't yet read this and you're fans of the original Police Quest/SWAT titles from Sierra, I would recommend it: