First 10 minutes of Fable 2

Video of first 10 minutes of Fable 2.

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Harry Flopper3685d ago (Edited 3685d ago )

Looking at those graphics,are you sure it's Fable TWO?

ThatCanadianGuy3685d ago

I bet that's your screen saver eh sena?

eric1003685d ago

looks so lame and a PS2 game

-Maverick-3685d ago

Man I LOVE my Xbox 360 baby!!!

So many awesome games and RPG's to choose from...

Eternal Sonata, Oblivion, Lost Odyssey, Fallout 3 will Exclusive DLC only on the masterful Xbox 360, Blu Dragon, Tales of Vesperia, Final Fantasy 13, Star OCean 4, Last Remnant(haha even this one is Exclsive for probably a year),Mass Effect, Infinite Undiscovery and then the new AAA RPG....Fable 2.

Seriously XBox 360 is abolsutely dominating the games selecetion/libraries this generation. It's also dominating in sales. hahahahahhahahahahahahhaahahah ahhaa....It's DOMINATING IN EVERYTHING.

MGS4, Tekken 6...FF 13..... HAHAHAHAHA PS3 has lost EVERYTHING and it sucks at everything. Enjoy Iron Man and Little Big Planet hahahahahahahhahahahahhahaha gay sissy PS3rd boys.

Sorry PS3rd boys.


Get over it, IT'S NOT CATCHING UP, EVER. Period. If it does in 2 years though.....I'll laugh my a$$ off.


Xbox is FUKING PWNINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG the Playstation 3 this generation.



Keele3685d ago

And so the retards are back for a second time around!

Have you no better insult to say? No ofcourse not, I'm sure flop is the only insult you can think of without having to strain your brain.

Y'know Eric, I don't like fanboys but whats more I don't like people who suck balls at spelling and you're both, you're an annoyance and so are your posts. You make no valid arguements whatsoever or posts worthwhile reading. Just you showing us how much of an IDIOT you are.

It leaves me wondering.. do you have a life? Does the lack of life piss you off that you must satisfy yourself in such an immature way?

I know alot of people troll for fun, but you see, that wears off in a couple of days and from what I've heard you're quite the regular around here. I suggest going outside and getting some of that new fresh air and make some new friends because I know you ain't got any of those either.

But I'm not here to bash you, I'm here to praise this game which I think will be a good one regardless of what bull you fanboys want to spout.

You keep saying we're jealous of LittleBigPlanet, well, you want Fable 2 to flop so badly because the truth is you're jealous of it.

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thebigtarget13685d ago

i really want to watch it but im going to show some strength here and svae it for that eventful day. The day i bring my 360 down to my HDTV and sit down and play that game

NO_PUDding3685d ago

Graphics aren't very good.

Kareshi_X3685d ago (Edited 3685d ago )

that kid we see at the beginning looks Fruity as hell! and you know i dont like fruity heroes! lmao at that poop scene.

on topic: I really like the warm feeling the game gives. I know its snowing and all but I can't really explain its like when its in december and thers always christmas movies on tv and you feel really great and you dont even know why. well thats that kind of feeling im talking about.

Kal8533685d ago

I completely agree with the feeling of warmth. I definitely felt like I was watching a classic feel-good Christmas movie from inside a cozy home. It's very appealing.

trancefreak3685d ago

i felt the warmth of the game too. Great 10 min introdction.

sack_boi3685d ago

Can't... watch... to... resist ..spoi..lers... days...

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