Official Nintendo Magazine Confirms Pokémon On Switch Will Be 'Generation Eight'

Nintendo Life writes: "The upcoming Pokémon game(s) for Nintendo Switch are still likely quite some time away from release just yet, and whether or not we'll see any official reveals for the game during E3, or a Pokémon Direct around the time of the event, is still unknown. This information from Official Nintendo Magazine appears to confirm at least some nuggets of information, however."

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lxeasy245d ago (Edited 245d ago )

I really hope not, Gen 1 is still the best IMO. 2 and 3 weren't bad but as they kept making more gens the creativity in Pokemon got worst. There is literally an ice cream Pokemon in one of the recent gens... And that's not even the worst one

360ICE245d ago

There is a keychain pokemon

xX1NORM1Xx245d ago

Dont forget the fridge pokemon

Kosic245d ago

Don't forget trubbish! The rubbish bag Pokémon. Then these mega evolve crap (Digimon anyone?)

septemberindecember245d ago (Edited 245d ago )

I mean, in the first gen there is an egg Pokemon, two pokeball Pokemon, two blobs of gunk, and the mess-of-polygons-barely-repres enting-a-bird Pokemon.

While I will say that there are a few newer generation Pokemon I shake my head at, we can't really pretend that the first one didn't have it's blunders.

DarkHeroZX244d ago

Lol because a rock, floating magnet, and walking sludge just screams originality lmao.

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ninsigma246d ago

For the love of God please make it ni no kuni style. I think it would suite pokemon so well.

Proper open world (and I don't ask for open world very often), see wild pokemon wandering around and action packed combat. Would be awesome. I think ni no kuni style would suit it better than going full action based too.

Prince_TFK245d ago

I don’t like Nino Kuni that much so I hope they stay true to what made Pokemon so special while making a few adjustments to the game to make it fresh and more fun to play.

ninsigma245d ago

I'm fairly bored of the same old formula now. Been playing since gen 1 came out and at this point a few adjustments don't really cut it for me to make it fresh so I'd love a big change up. To me the ni no kuni style almost looks made for pokemon. With the some changes I think it could be awesome for the franchise. With the massive jump in power between the 3DS and Switch, if they're going to design the game as if it were on the weaker hardware then I just think it's a wasted opportunity.

-Foxtrot245d ago

I don't know why people are disagreeing, a Pokemon console game is what i thought of straight away with Ni No Kuni. They basically had the perfect set up, more or less, for a Pokemon game.

ninsigma245d ago

Yes exactly. In the video I posted, to me it looks like it's almost there ready for a pokemon game. It would so suited I think. Likely to be let down by what it actually will be unfortunately though.

indysurfn245d ago (Edited 245d ago )

Sorry man but, They want it to sell, it will be a mainline game meaning turn based.

Action jrpg games only take 2 years to make, but a 5=6 year turn based sells way more.

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slate91246d ago (Edited 246d ago )

Good for nintendo for sticking with the present/future. But bad news for those wishing for a nostalgia trip :(

Moonman246d ago

Maybe DLC for nostalgia?

narsaku245d ago

I got the nostalgia shit with Firered, it's time to move forward.

But maybe a little bit less made for friggin 8 year olds. Pokemon's age group is in their 30's now ffs, I can't stand seeing the goofy kid shit all over the game.

Moonman245d ago

I'm all about a completely new modern Pokemon.

-Foxtrot246d ago

You'd think moving from the handheld systems to consoles it would let them give Pokemon a soft reboot and start from Generation 1 again but with all the extra Pokemon they added to evolutions of the Gen 1 Pokemon. For example Evee's extra evolutions, Baby pokemon like Pichu, Cleffa, Smoochum for Pikachu, Clefairy and Jynx or the new evolutions of Onyx, Slowbro and Porygon. You could even add in new Pokemon completely or add onto ones that never got one like Farfetch, Primeape or Fearow.

Would have been nice to see a refresh of the series as it makes the leap onto consoles for the first time. Could have marked a new beginning

Obviously that's not me saying forget about the old Pokemon from Generation 1 onwards, god no although it would allow them to pick and choose the better Pokemon while leaving the less desirable ones behind, or at least revamp them.

DJK1NG_Gaming246d ago

No Pokemon doesn't need a reboot. Generation 1 is overrated and outdated. If you want to revisit Kanto go play Pokemon HGSS.

-Foxtrot246d ago

To be fair I said soft reboot which means it's the same world and the like just a mini refresh for the series to give the series a new direction.

Don't get so hostile jeez..

ninsigma246d ago

Well if a rebooted gen 1 game came out then it wouldn't be out dated anymore.....

And definitely not overrated. Gen 1 and 2 are the best gens so far.

DJK1NG_Gaming246d ago

No. Gen 1-2 are not the best Generation.

TekoIie246d ago (Edited 246d ago )


"No. Gen 1-2 are not the best Generation."

I mean I agree in that I personally enjoyed 5th gen the most (BW+BW2) but HGSS puts up a good challenge to that assertion.

CurbStompin245d ago

Gen 1 = The best, hands down.

Said, everyone who’s been playing Pokémon since 1997.

Weeblordbad245d ago


Pokemon released outside of Japan in September 98 not 97.

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Gemmol245d ago

Just no, please stop

None of this sounds good

Pokemon main team won't let us down they had 7 good generations, but my favorite two generation heart gold and soul silver for amount of stuff you can do before elite force and after elite force, and Pokemon black and white which had the best Pokemon story ever

-Foxtrot245d ago (Edited 245d ago )

7 Good Generations? Really? All 7 Pokemon generations in terms of their designs and the like were good?

God no. The quality of the Pokemon designs decreased as time went on...I mean you had the odd one or two in Gen 1, 2 and even 3 but they were outweighed by the better designs.

The further they got on the crappier some of them got...I mean a trashcan, a keyring, an icecream cone, a chandelier, a sword? Come on.

PeteyMcPickle245d ago


In what way is a pile of goo (grimer/muk) better designed than a a trash can?

In what way is a few eggs (exeggcute) better designed than an ice cream?

In what way is a couple of magnets (magnemite) better designed than some keys?

In what way is a rock with arms (geodude) better designed than a chandelier inhabited by a ghost?

All the gens have dumb crappy designs, don't try to pretend that gen 1 wasn't just as bad for it.

-Foxtrot245d ago


Lets go back to my comment above

*** ..I mean you had the odd one or two in Gen 1, 2 and even 3 but they were outweighed by the better designs ***

Those were not that bad anyway, say what you like but those Pokemon might have had a simple design like a pile of goo or some magnets but they were still better designs the way they were done then the latter ones,.

They got lazier.

narsaku245d ago

We don't need another remake of generation 1. We need the IP to realize the people who like pokemon are mid 20's to early 30's right now, and don't need new games designed for toddlers... If I see more fat jolly sidekicks and pokemon that look like baby toys I'm out.

-Foxtrot245d ago

Like I said above...again, I did say soft reboot

That was part of the idea anyway...a soft reboot to give the series more of a direction and not something continuing to please the younger crowd. I mean lets be honest the younger crowd with Pokemon will eat anything up so why not going after the core audience who liked Pokemon when it first came out.

badz149245d ago

when did they ever release a remake for Gen 1?

DJK1NG_Gaming245d ago

It's called FireRed and LeafGreen on GBA.

H2OAcidic246d ago

Pretty sure I'm googling all over, and the last time "Nintendo Mag" was published even in the UK was 2014. Are we sure this isn't just a rumor right now? While it was posted in a "Magazine" I don't see any other "Nintendo" magazine that's official.

eagle21245d ago

I edited this as rumor for N4G.

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