DLC Fighter Falke Comes To Street Fighter V At The End Of April

TSA writes that thanks to an accidental upload on Capcom Unity, we now know the release date for the next Street Fighter V DLC character, Falke.

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InKnight7s245d ago

Don't you guys miss the days, when we have full rosters without paying for anything except base games?

bloop245d ago

I have no problem with them adding new fighters over time, but the grind to get FM to purchase them in game is just absolutely ridiculous. I've had the game since launch and out of the 13 dlc characters released so far I've unlocked just 5!!! I only play ranked which you get 50FM per match and characters are 100,000FM to unlock. It's absurd.

Nybz245d ago

Love how SAGAT is at the end of this really dumb DLC road.