Rare adds fuel to the fire with Killer Instinct Vision Cards

Today, three special vision cards featuring Killer Instinct characters have been released via Rare's official website.

That way, Fulgore, Orchid and Tusk just joined the Piñata ranks as a helmeted Juicygoose, a bosomy Moozipan and a wild Elephanilla. [...]

What does Rare want to tell us with this new little joke? Who knows. But it's good to note that it just became the hundredth reference to Killer Instinct in the last few months. You know, there's no smoke without fire.

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Harry Flopper3686d ago

I dont see why they would release another Killer Instinct,there's no market for fighter rip-offs nowadays

sit down droid3686d ago

you got owned badly just like how the one flop that must not be named(a.k.a ps3)owned you in the films

Radiodread3686d ago

wow you are a ps3 fanboy to the max. Afraid it'll be 360 exxclusive? Yah I bet you are, people still cry for this game to be made into next gen. Stfu flopper, your life is a flop.

baraka0073686d ago

Killer Instinct was never a fighter rip-off.