Fallout 3 Infinite EXP and Infinite Money Glitches Already Discovered

A thorough walk through of possible exploits that allow you to gain infinite experience and infinite caps (money) in the game.

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PimpHandStrong3685d ago


and i repeat


my buddy did this on Oblivan and said he ruined the game for himself!

DA_SHREDDER3685d ago

Just look at the graphics and stale first person shooting. Its looks so stiff and the only good thing about this game is the huge world. The story is what's gonnna save this game if its any good because everything else is garbage. I wish they would have just made a new elder scrolls game.

B to teh secund3487d ago

well they are making another elder scrolls it just takes a while to make those games. The next one is coming out in 1-3 years but i agree that oblivion is a lot better than fallout. I still enjoy it though.

PimpHandStrong3685d ago

unless you really thought the sword fights and magic spells in Oblivan where the main stay of the game

for me

it was about the journey more so then the fighting

thor3685d ago

Yeah that's what I loved about Oblivion - but nevertheless the combat was ruined by the enemy level scaling. Combat is still a major part of fallout.

Reshun3685d ago

As for magic spells... red orb, blue orb, and a lightning.. could've used more effects, and I'm talking about console versions.