60° BlizzCon Press Q&A

A small selection of journalists from around the world attended an exclusive press-only Q&A at BlizzCon over the weekend, where World of Warcraft's Production Director J Allen Brack and Diablo's Jay Wilson answered many questions about their respective games. have compiled a list of the WoW questions, with answers from J Allen Brack.

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Medievaldragon3715d ago

There are some interesting bits in that press Q&A. I would really like Deathwing to be the focus in the Emerald Dream if he is the one behind the nightmare. In War of the Ancients trilogy deathwing was able to infiltrate the emerald dream without Ysera even noticing. So it is plausible he could hide in the Emerald dream all along and no one be the wiser he was there.

Leord3715d ago

Yeah, I think that Deathwing could be coming back in one shape or another. Hinted back in BC even, so...

I would hope that an encounter with him would be less than lethal though...

Leord3715d ago

And by that I mean less than lethal for HIM! Ofc, the encounter should be very hard for players.

Medievaldragon3715d ago

I was reading World of Warcraft: Beyond the Dark Portal during the flight back home from Blizzcon. The retconned lore now says Khadgar and the Alliance fought Deathwing (not at Deathwing's Lair Isle) but at Blade's Edge Mountains. Gruul helped Khadgar defeat Deathwing ...