Is GRIP Is The New Rollcage Game We’ve Always Wanted? | EGX Rezzed 2018

We discuss Grip with Kevin Leathers to find out if the game really embodies the qualities of a spiritual successor to the fan favourite Rollcage or just a cheap knock off to make a quick buck!

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Bismarn214d ago

Trick question: no one has ever thought about, much less wanted a rollcage game.

flak213d ago

You really can only speak for yourself.

Nu213d ago

They should've made MadMax with to this games idea.

Nu213d ago

Looks like you are waiting for that Gundam simulation game...

Muzikguy213d ago

Lies. Rollcage was one of my favorite games on PS1. Granted I had a lot of favorites, but Rollcage was definitely one of them. 2 was bad, but I’ve been wanting a new game for years.

213d ago
flak213d ago

Actually I've been wanting one for years.

Nacho_Z213d ago

I haven't exactly been pining over it but I remember Rollcage and being surprised it didn't get a sequel as it was a quality game.

Muzikguy213d ago

It did get a sequel but it wasn’t very good

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