GamingHeaven: Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 Review

With the recent release of the wonderful FIFA09 Konami have quite a task in front of them to topple one of the greatest football games ever. Last year's Pro Evolution Soccer was a decent game but can they reclaim the footballing throne with the 2009 update?

Each of these footballing behemoths has a huge following and they have their own individual charms. FIFA is backed by Electronic Arts and has all the offical and financial backing (Premier League etc.) to ensure its success while Pro Evo combines great gameplay with some cool editing options. This year is set to be the toughest battle yet and while both will assuredly reward the football fanatic they have quite different directions.

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jromao3688d ago

and lacks credibility, the "authors" are looking for arguments to lower the rating as much as they can, lets see:

Audio 65/100 ???
All I matches, in English or Italian I got the commentators do a very good work, and placed in right moments, and they also say the other Audio is below average ?? Ridiculous.

"...Poor online support with still some lag..." ??? When the servers aren't up at this point ?? More garbage.

Graphics 72/100 ?? They state:
"...Very dated and sadly lacking when compared with FIFA.." ???
This is more garbage, graphics aren't so polished as FIFA but far from dated.

Gameplay 88/100 ??? Only ??? They state:
"...Probably one of the best in the series, extremely fun and fast paced..."
happens this is the best gameplay ever in PES.

Well, enough words, what a trash. This guys should include how much $$ they got.