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Jordan Samuel: "God of War is one of the most groundbreaking video games in recent history; it makes us finally care about Kratos and his journey into being a real god. His relationship with his song is immersive, allowing the audiences connect with this complex bond between son and father. The gameplay is refined giving the player new tools and puzzles to solve, with upgrade trees that add a level of customization never seen the franchise before. Santa Monica deserves praise for giving the franchise another taste of fresh air, without throwing away what made it was so good all those years ago."

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Hardiman244d ago

The story is quite possibly what has me so excited for this game! I want to see how Kratos deals with the loss of Fey and Atreus for that matter and how their relationship develops. Oh and I can't wait to see the world and lay waist to some trolls, dragons, wolves drainers and maybe a few gods!

hulk_bash1987244d ago (Edited 244d ago )

I can't wait to play this masterpiece that Santa Monica Studios has created. I loved the direction they took the series when it was first revealed. They took a chance on reinventing the entire series and it paid off in spades. April 20th is almost upon us and I am super psyched to finally experience this new chapter in Kratos' story.

SuperSonic91244d ago (Edited 244d ago )

Game of the Generation on the Console of the Generation.

Perfect Match.

nucky64244d ago

I'm also excited to see how the dark/demon souls influence works with the combat - it sure looks fun!

SuperSonic91244d ago

Any game has a chance to be GOTG if it plays on the Console of the Generation -the PS4.

MarineLineman244d ago

Damn GoW! Save some room for TLoU2 and Death Stranding lol

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Jinger244d ago

"Game of the generation"

Well, it's gunna have to beat Bloodborne for it to become that for me. We'll see if Kratos can kill my Hunter on the 20th :)

Bathyj244d ago

Sounds like the combat and level design might have taken some cues from that classic. I think on graphics, story and sheer spectacle god of war has it well beat. If it can get the level design and combat as good as Bloodborne then it has a good chance of bettering or at least equaling it.

nucky64244d ago

yea, I'm a big bloodborne fan; but, GoW looks like it's on a different level.

Jinger244d ago

I'm just not entirely convinced GoW will beat it as far as total cool bosses, but there will no doubt be some good ones in GoW as well. 4 more days!

ConsoleGamer244d ago

Bloodborne set the bar extremly high and if gow is able to top it then it must be one hell of a game.

Aceman18244d ago

My 3 favorite games of this generation so far are

Horizon Zero Dawn
Persona 5
Mario Odyssey

Shiken244d ago

For me, it is...

Zelda BotW
Xenoblade 2

God of War is likely to add to that list and I have not yet played Persona 5 nor Horizon Zero Dawn. Will probably check them out in due time.

WelkinCole244d ago

Mario Odyssey does not get enough credit. Personally it was better than Zelda for me and beat out Horizion for my goty 2017

Aceman18244d ago

HZD was originally my goty because I was so impressed that GG went out their comfort zone and ventured into new territory to create an awesome game, and then I played P5 man it was everything I want from my jrpgs loved this game so much it became my new goty for 2017.

SuperSaiyanGod41244d ago (Edited 244d ago )

Grew up loving this series and loved kratos for the simple fact he is just a badass plain n simple but I also welcome a story driven change to the series showing the softer side of kratos because I want people to also love his character. Some people look at him as just this wild lunatic that hates everything but with this new direction even those who hated his character will fall in love and have a bond with kratos since he has aged and is trying to let go of his past but still showing that u mess with my son I'll show u a glimpse of my bad assery self if u push me. Can't wait to play this gem.

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