The History of Nintendo - Beginnings to 1985

Did you know that Nintendo opened its doors way back in 1889? And that it wasn't a video game company until nearly 80 years after? Here's the early history of Nintendo, from its beginnings until the NES.

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PhoenixUp247d ago

I can’t believe this article talked about Nintendo’s beginnings in the videogame industry and didn’t even mention their first videogame console, the Color TV-Game 6 in 1977.

Wordzero247d ago

You might want to read it again.

PhoenixUp247d ago

You might want to know that this article was edited after I made this comment. 😑

81BX247d ago

Ok. Then edit your comment as well?

Wordzero247d ago

And how was anyone to know that?

PhoenixUp247d ago (Edited 247d ago )

@ 81B

You can’t edit your comment 15 minutes after it’s posted 😑

@ Word

Cuz I made the comment. I wouldn’t have wrote that if this article did mention that system

GameBit247d ago

Thanks for the heads up PhoenixUp! My mistake