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God of War is an excellent game that has evolved with great quality in every aspect. The game feels more mature, profound and solid than we have ever seen in the saga. Its gameplay is still dynamic and its story will keep us in the edge of our seats from beginning to end. However, it lacks magic in some moments and has a few repetitive bosses, which does not allow this game to reach the perfect score.

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NecrumOddBoy245d ago

"However, it lacks magic in some moments and has a few repetitive bosses, which does not allow this game to reach the perfect score."

*Gives Breath of the Wild a perfect 10. 🤔

Septic244d ago

How do quantify "lacking magic"? It doesn't mean it can be compared directly.

And I hope for the love of God we're not going to complain about a score of 9.9

OB1Biker244d ago

It does sound like IGN type of logic though they may have gone for too much magic instead of not enough.

G20WLY244d ago

The scores great. He's just pointing out a little flawed logic, it's no big deal.

thejigisup244d ago

I think it's worded poorly due to the translation. I usually pass over translated reviews or don't take them to heart bc it's impossible to really know what was meant unless you are fluent in the native language and read the original post.

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MarineLineman244d ago

Kind of ironic. Regardless of opinions of BotW, the game did feature a surprising lack of enemy types, especially compared to previous titles. Really goes to show how franchises like Zelda tend to get a pass.

majiebeast244d ago

There is a reason people call it the Nintendo free pass just like Rockstar games get a pass.

SuperSonic91244d ago (Edited 244d ago )

There are really some annoying sites that won't let go of that 1 point or 0.5 point to Gow of War because of their loyalty to Nintendo.

This is why all corporate reviews have no absolute credibility.

For fear that Switch will tank again like the Wii U.

Big_Game_Hunters244d ago

Only Sony fanboys would complain about 99.

G20WLY244d ago

Still, it's nice that games on that platform could ever reach such heights, don't you think?

thejigisup244d ago

It's like that one professor that says you did everything correctly and went above and beyond with your paper but nothing is perfect, 99. That logic is trash.

Big_Game_Hunters243d ago (Edited 243d ago )

@g2owly Games on every platform except for Xbox get scores like that all the time.

except he didn't say everything was perfect. He clearly stated flaws.

MrVux000244d ago (Edited 244d ago )

"*Gives Breath of the Wild a perfect 10. 🤔"

Lets not bring Nintendo reviews into discussion, cuz we all know fanboys will defend those reviews to death, especially the ones for Zelda and Mario games.

Big_Game_Hunters243d ago

Kinda like people are doing here for GOW.

MrVux000243d ago

I don't support any kind of game fanaticism, be it Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo or PC side of things, and just because one group of people do it doesn't justify the other group of people.

That said, GOW did receive criticism over things that were overlooked in some Zelda and Mario games (or Nintendo games in general), and as such, double standards receives the negative reactions from both the gamers and fanboys.

Big_Game_Hunters242d ago

They were overlooked in Zelda because the rest of the game more than carried its weaknesses. either that or the reviewer simply doesn't believe GOW is as good as BOTW, therefore how could he give it a 10?

MrVux000242d ago (Edited 242d ago )


"They were overlooked in Zelda because the rest of the game more than carried its weaknesses."

That's where people here who played the game greatly disagree. There is a reason why great number of people (unfortunately fanboys included) have the impression that Nintendo games get good reviews based on nostalgia factor, and if that is the case, such double standards should not be tolerated for any game review.

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core_5245d ago

A generic action-adventure that has nothing more to do with god of war, what for a shame

Nyxus245d ago

A game with a Metacritic average of 95, what a shame

MarineLineman244d ago

What’s your favorite game so far this year?

Araragifeels 244d ago

I bet his favorite game is my little Pony.

Elda244d ago

Your comment is generic.

SuperSonic91244d ago

Your avatar's expression and comment combined made me laugh so hard!

TyrellCorp244d ago

“My name is...” Every time I see this avatar haha

Hardiman244d ago (Edited 244d ago )

Guess you've missed all the reviews that last couple of days?!?! A review doesn't really mean anything but when there's a collective saying the same thing then it's pretty much guaranteed to deliver more than "a generic action-adventure" and the "collective" has said that yes indeed this IS a God of War game!

BlaqMagiq1244d ago

I can't wait to play this generic action-adventure. Looks to be one of the best games of 2018 as expected.

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affrogamer245d ago

What's the point of scoring games 9.6-9.9? If you feel it's higher than 9.5 you might as well just give it a perfect score lol

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ILostMyMind244d ago

I agree. If they are so perfectionists they can not give a perfect score for any game because no game is perfect.

DigitalRaptor244d ago

Unbelievable scores for this game.

Santa Monica has exceeded the expectations of pretty much everyone who was looking forward to this game (and those that weren't).

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