PlayStation 5: when can Sony truly deliver a generational leap in power?

DF: "We've seen some reports suggesting a PlayStation 5 due this year! It's not going to happen, but realistically just when can we see the 6x to 8x leap in power that typically defines a new console generation? And when will Microsoft follow suit?"

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xYLeinen215d ago

Well, it should be powerfull enough to run native 4k with 60fps. Or else what's the point?

Destiny1080215d ago

FreeSync is the brand name for an adaptive synchronization technology for LCD displays that support a dynamic refresh rate aimed at reducing screen tearing. FreeSync was developed by AMD and released in 2015

ps5 will support FreeSync

just buy a tv with FreeSync and you wont have to worry what fps a game is running at

blackblades215d ago

Needs to be on console not tv.

blitz0623215d ago

I don't care about power. As long as they continue to deliver fresh and new, exciting games, that's all that matters. 4k @60 is just icing. I think the current sales of consoles especially the Switch already prove it's the games and creativity that matter.

CertifiedGamer215d ago

FreeSync is already supported.

ILostMyMind215d ago

Better AI, better environment simulation, bigger scenarios, more choices in any actions, more characters on screen, etc, etc ... The resolution is not the most important but I'm sure the PS4 will run games on native 4K resolution. 60fps depends on the developers, it is their choice.

JackBNimble215d ago

Exactly.... I personally think there is to much focus on 4k and not enough focus on "EVERYTHING" else.
If next gen is about 4k then expect it to be no different from this gen other then better resolution. That will not entice me to jump into the next gen.

starchild214d ago

I bet a lot of games will still use checkerboard rendering simply due to the quality it offers for how efficient it is. I'd rather developers put those resources into building more complex, more beautiful and interactive worlds.

As far as framerate is concerned Sony really must include support for variable refresh rate displays. This would be a huge win. We won't have to be locked into the 30fps or 60fps either-or paradigm, since any framerate between those values will remain smooth and stutter free. As long as developers make sure their games run north of 30fps at all times I'll be happy.

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Gardenia215d ago

Anything lower than 4K 60fps will not be tolerated, anything higher isn't possible within console price range

RevXM215d ago

4k sure, but 60fps? 30 or 60 fps will always be a developer choice more so than resolution. Not every game will be actual 4K but 95% probably will. less frames and or resolution means more stuff on screen snd thats what some developers will choose when making a game for something with static hardware like a console.

If you are waiting for native 60fps for all games youll be waiting forever. Some games will be 60 and some 30. Thats how it has always been, and that wont change anytime soon Im afraid.

nexusx215d ago

lmao high end PCs now can barely run 4k at 60fps and you want a 400-500$ console to do that ?

starchild214d ago

I doubt 4k/60fps will be a given on every PS5 game. Sure, it will be powerful enough to run current level graphics at 4k/60fps, but as usual devs will want to push for better core visuals. And I'm all for that.

Sony should release two PS5 versions right at launch. A base PS5 for games at 4k (checkerboard or otherwise) at 30fps and a PS5 Pro for games at 60fps/native 4k with enhanced visuals. If it isn't economically or technologically feasible to release a PS5 Pro at launch then releasing it a few years later will still be a good idea.

Hopefully it will also play PS4 games with improved visuals and framerate. Compatibility with PS3, PS2 and PS1 games would also be amazing.

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TheNextGeneration215d ago

Everyone talks about resolution and FPS... ever since these two consoles first came out but let’s talk about graphics, I want to see better lighting, shadows, physics, foliage... things that will take games to another level both visually and gameplay wise. Resolution/FPS isn’t everything

Ju215d ago

Now you are having a narrow view. Of course. And all that. We are looking at 10+TF and a new CPU core miles above what we have today. Getting to 4k @ 60fps today doesn't really need that much power (heck, mostly the X can deliver that). All thats needed would be more bandwidth. That next tech is not only about bandwidth, though.

ILostMyMind215d ago

So, you would choose 4K/60fps over new AI, gameplay stile and bigger environments... Weird. I don't want PS5 to be a XBX like. I want It be better, with better games.

Ju215d ago

Ha ha ha. You people have just so no idea, that's not even funny. Gamers without ideas. Interesting...I am tired of debating this.

OpenGL215d ago

I disagree that 6TFLOPs is enough for 4K60, I have an overclocked 1080Ti and 4K60 on the max is not always feasible at twice the power of the Xbox One X. I certainly hope next-gen games don't look like 8th gen games running at 4K, otherwise what's the point?

fonger08215d ago

I mean there will be a definite diminishing rate of returns as we progress in terms of graphic fidelity, i for one would like just two things to make that “next gen” leap and that’s the option for stable 60fps on any freaking game and perhaps not facing the same AI we’ve basically been playing against for well over a decade.

215d ago
fonger08215d ago

@makoD well stated, AI behavior/simulation is where I would like to see the next generation leap. Farcry 5 being the most recent culprit of “dumb” enemy AI, or at least behavior limitations that have been around for past two gens. I’m not picking on Farcry as many many games have very easy to memorize behavior. The best or at least the most unpredictable enemny was the Alien in Alien Isolation.

215d ago
fonger08215d ago

@MakoD yep its definitely is up to a developer and the design. I’ve never been a big proponent of “more power = better gaming or next gen” stuff. It will be a diminishing rate of returns in terms of this gen to the next especially if the focus is solely based upon graphic fidelity. Fundamentaly I haven’t played a game this gen that couldn’t have been played last gen... I guess this “old fart” is just hoping for something new/innovative.

ILostMyMind215d ago (Edited 215d ago )

And If you have to choose.

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Lamboomington215d ago (Edited 215d ago )

Not just graphics, but more interactive and simulated elements. I'm talking about things that typically require CPU power. Hopefully next gen brings a huge increase in CPU power. This is where several games were limited on current gen, not so much the GPU. You can always lower the graphics a bit, but the entire game has to be designed around the CPU limitations.

Resolution and FPS are important.
FPS atleast. 60 fps is on another level for many types of games. The difference is more than people expect.

SenorFartCushion215d ago

Or how about we just talk about gameplay?

DarXyde215d ago

I care far more about frame rate than graphics or resolution. Some of the best games I've played this generation don't push any boundaries of power.

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zivtheawesome215d ago (Edited 215d ago )

seems that they believe the target is 7nm zen cpu with roughly 12TF navi gpu. hmm hope that gpu would be enough for a big increase in graphical quality. i kind of hope that next gen will target a checkerboard 4k for most game instead of native in order to save up processing power.

UnholyLight215d ago

I know almost nothing up cpu's and such but its really cool to see from when I was young and the Xbox 360 came out, fast forward to today, and hearing about the "nm" sizing of chips and how like every couple of years it was getting thinner and thinner and thinner and now we are at 7nm from like 90nm or whatever it was

Cyborgg215d ago (Edited 215d ago )

So will the PS5 pro have more TF?? 🤔

Nyxus215d ago

I hope they'll wait until 2020.

Ju215d ago

Why? To give MS enough time to release another X box? That would be stupid.

jhoward585215d ago (Edited 215d ago )

The X is the most powerful console and still, MS 1st party studio can't make a game on the level of Gow; which is the PS4. So Sony really doesn't have to worry about MS since MS has a lot of catching up to do.

UnholyLight215d ago (Edited 215d ago )

Not necessarily. Look what happened this gen. PS4 and Xbox One on a nearly level playing field in the beginning and PS4 DESTROYED the Xbox One for the most part. It could happen again. Competition is good but the key thing to remember is that it doesn't matter who has the better console on paper, it's who can back up their console with the best feature set and market the reasons WHY we should buy their PS5 over the Xbox Next and vice versa. Seems logicial that 2020 would be that release window for new consoles. I can't really see 2019 except for MAYBE Sony biting first since PS4 Pro came out in 2016 so that's a healthy 3 year gap

jhoward585215d ago

Not necessarily. Look what happened this gen. PS4 and Xbox One on a nearly level playing field in the beginning and PS4 DESTROYED the Xbox One for the most part. It could happen again. Competition is good but the key thing to remember is that it doesn't matter who has the better console on paper.

My point exactly, it doesn't matter who has the better console on paper. cause hardware power is one thing but having the talent to back up that power is another thing.

ILostMyMind215d ago


XB doesn't really matter anymore, it's just a mini PC with Win 10. MS can launch one every year. You can buy a XBX2 now If you want. Sony doesn't need and shouldn't worry about that. Sony just needs to do what they have been doing all these years.

MarineLineman215d ago (Edited 215d ago )

Sony’s mistake regarding 360 had little to do with it launching first; it was a whole shit salad for PS3 where the pricing was awful, Sony assumed the PS3 would automatically be a top seller without strong third party support, and they didn’t Beta Test the damn cell processor, leaving even their first party studios mostly in the dark. Point is, PS3 may have been an excellent console, especially in its later years, but it had a lot more working against it at launch than just the 360. Sony pretty much just needs to avoid the PS3 mistakes, and make PS5 backwards compatible with all PS4 titles, as well forwards compatible with most PS4 titles, and they’re pretty much golden to dominate next gen as well. In that regard, they can pretty much take as long as they need to perfect the next gen hardware so that it will launch both strong and at a good price point.

stefan_771215d ago

Ms just released xbox one x. I doubt they are in a hurry to release another new console

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Atticus_finch215d ago

I hope they wait until 2021. PS4 is in full trottle I want to enjoy it more.

215d ago
blackblades215d ago

We ain't getting any younger so no mo waiting that long.

ILostMyMind215d ago

I'm going to buy one just a year after the release date, so hopefully it will be in 2020.

OB1Biker215d ago

I hope they wait as long as they have to for the right tech and games to be there

jhoward585215d ago

4k with 60fps sounds good in all. But I also would like for everything to move in the background/foreground. I want to see more tree blowing in the wind, more destructible environments, more dark shadows and lighting, the works running on next-gen consoles.

smashman98215d ago

I can totally agree with this. Honestly, I'd say that's more important to me than 60 frames. The little things that immerse you way more.

OmnislashVer36215d ago (Edited 215d ago )

One reason I wish all TVs were true 120hz. We could play with 40fps played perfectly(40x3=120) which is enough for that HFR feeling, not too sterile and superimposed either, and leaving plenty of room for other effects like graphics and immersive elements. 40fps would be so perfect.

starchild214d ago

40fps does indeed feel pretty smooth. But if the PS5 supports variable refresh rates we won't need to worry about having 120Hz displays, since everything above 30fps will be smooth and responsive and free of screen tearing and stutter. Below 30fps starts to feel stuttery and too blurry even on a variable refresh rate monitor.