Thunderbolt: Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 Review

It's a funny old game. The tired and overused clique fits perfectly to sum up the tired and overused formula named Pro Evolution Soccer. A proud series without a return to form on current-generation consoles, 2009's rendition of the beautiful game is akin to that of a title-deciding match. As much as the old rival, EA's FIFA, has improved to gain much needed credibility, it can't be helped than to think that all eyes are on Konami's effort. Both games have seen a close launch in the run-up to Christmas, insults have been exchange on forums and blogs in the aftermath of downloadable demos, and with the recent surge in quality from EA, the heat is on.

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jromao3709d ago

Can we please get honest reviews ?

Wen the goal of videogames is fun, and PES is loaded with it, this "genius" tell us to buy FIFA ??

What a joke.

SUP3R3709d ago

Maybe because FIFA 09 is better???
Seriously, PES failed FIFA wins this year, just deal with it and move on.

Also, Thunderbolt is registered with Metacritic so their reviews are very legit. You being pissed about their score for PES doesn't change that.

barom3709d ago

Almost all sites are registered to Metacritic and by no means does it mean anything. Fifa is still behind PES no matter how you look at it. Only reason why Fifa is getting attention is because they went from being bad to good but that still doesn't make it great.

PopEmUp3709d ago (Edited 3709d ago )

stop acting like a fanboy of fifa vs pes. Btw I had play fifa 09 and play like crap,and that just comparing to the pes "demo". But I had to admitted that fifa 09 does indeed improve but the the gameplay still haven't rival pes but in graphic side fifa is ahead, although i must say fifa have been working hard to rival pes and they sure did an awesome job

I almost forgot do you enjoy the game by looking at the Metacritic/reviews, if that the case I am speechless

SUP3R3709d ago (Edited 3709d ago )

You guys are clueless and obviously don't understand English.
If reading and understand is a problem for you then I needn't carry on any further conversation.
PES sucks this year, FIFA wins.

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