The Avengers Project is Square Enix's Destiny

PowerUp! - "The Avengers Project in development at Crystal Dynamics is still to be revealed, however, from the information we've discovered, it sounds like it's going to be a Marvel version of Destiny."

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-Foxtrot248d ago

If it is then pass

Obviously it will turn more heads and the like being Marve/Avengers but still nothing should be like Destiny

An Avengers single player story driven game would be's probably why Spiderman will most likely end up being better.

killswitch80247d ago

or they just simply meant a successful MMO ....hate it or love it ..they made and still make tons of money off Destiny.

Rude-ro247d ago

I mean there is nothing wrong with the set up of destiny, just end game decisions.
If we could be superhero’s with the graphics and gameplay of destiny, with the co-op setup... I see no issue.
You all are just hating because they said “destiny”.

-Foxtrot247d ago

There's plenty wrong with games like's a shallow online focused game which relies more on you and your friends doing the same repetitive missions over and over for added replay value, that's basically the games core content. The game relies on YOU the player making his own replay value over what limited things you are presented with in the game as a way for the developer to cut costs during development spending countless hours and manpower making a rich game full of a variety of content.

Then you all wait for the next expansion with stuff that should have been in the core game to begin with but even after 3-4 big DLC packs it still feels like it's only half of what you expected at launch.

The only game like it this gen to feel like it has enough in has been Monster Hunter World.

Rude-ro247d ago

I see your point, but what is said does not mean the same shallow release.
Destiny has its faults that everyone is aware of... but that is on them and the decisions to hide behind dlc.
But using said same setup could work..
the amount of content is on the devs, not the game engine.

Magic_Spatula247d ago (Edited 247d ago )

But the thing is, Square usually cares about their AAA/big budget titles (key words being AAA and big budget). Just look at Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, Tomb Raider, and Just Cause. Disregard the remakes, spin-offs, and mobile games. I'm talking about the games where they spend the most money and manpower on. They usually spend at minimum 4 years or something on a single game. That's more than most AAA companies like EA, Activision, and Ubisoft do. They do spend their time and try to make quality games and they have made some the most praised games this gen. So yeah, I don't think that they'll fuck it up with this game.

KionicWarlord222248d ago

I expected it to be so because a online game would be perfect for the avengers.

You could go through tons of different raids on different worlds and have end boss like Doctor Doom or Ultron etc.

It would be lit.

SuperSaiyanGod41247d ago

I'm down with an online marvel mmo like dc universe online.

Xb1ps4247d ago

No... it won’t be lit...

SenorFartCushion247d ago

It's the teenagers they pander to and they are the one's who use such foul language!

shaggy2303246d ago

No, it would be terrible for two reasons:

1: They either allow people to be Hulk, Spiderman, Iron Man etc. in which case there will be no individuality, there be hundreds of hulks, Iron Men etc.
2: They allow people to create their own superhero's, in which case we have City of Heros/DC Universe, and nobody wants another one of those.

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Shinox247d ago (Edited 247d ago )

Why take such a stupid risk on the superheroes bandwagon .. i swear to god SE is pissing the crap out of me every time i see them ignore their golden old IP's for stupid things like this / mobile crap and the other overhyped crap that some of us fed up with .. stop losing money and MAKE A SEQUEL FOR PARASITE EVE .. good god is it hard for this company to take a risk like this and buy the rights back , if you are that good at cinematic experiences THEN WHY DON'T YOU DO THAT .

jukins247d ago

superhero bandwagon and risk? lol love how based off a rumor and a possible similarity you know this game will be crap. but not only that you went on this long rant about what se is doing with their properties.

Shinox246d ago

I LOATH the likes of you who always bend over for companies .

jukins246d ago

Lol its not that serious Shinox. Tell me has square never made a good game? Tell me how I bend over for companies, especially in this case were we no absolutely nothing about this RUMORED game. And how is a superhero game in this particular time a risk?

Lol kinda sad you loath someone over the internet lol do you get out much.

awdevoftw247d ago

They made a sequel to parasite eve. Two of them. And buy back the rights for what?

Shinox246d ago

"And buy back the rights for what?"
FXXX YOU .. honestly

TheKingKratos247d ago

If that's the case then i will ignore it
Thank god for spiderman
That will be the only super hero game i get this year unless Rocksteady will reveal it's justice league game

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