Circuit City knocks $15 off LittleBigPlanet PS3

Circuit City Stores Inc. this week began offering a free $15 gift card with the pre-purchase of Sony Corp.'s LittleBigPlanet for the Playstation 3.

In the new promotion, buyers who purchase LittleBigPlanet at will receive an instant $15 gift card credit towards their purchase.

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^_^3685d ago

||I will buy 2 copies now||

^_^3685d ago

||you know what i will buy 3 as well,1 for me,1 for my friend,and 1 for my video collection(i will never open it)||

DevastationEve3685d ago

What's better than getting the getting the game you want at less?! Right on Circuit City!

BulletToothtony3685d ago (Edited 3685d ago )

i wish more places did this..

you would think that gamestop would be the one trying to attract customers this way..

but what do i care.. CC is closer anyhow

PS. Now i got an email with 10% off for my next game purchase.. wow... this turned out to be a great decision... i might have to start using CC from now on..

After all these next few months are full of great games.. jump on this deal fellas.. i think is worth it

iHEARTboobs3685d ago (Edited 3685d ago )


Anyhow, I thought the $15 gift card was for the LBP purchase?
"receive an instant $15 gift card credit towards their purchase."

I'm i reading too much into it? Great deal either way.

edit: Ok i just got mine for $48 total. :)

BulletToothtony3685d ago

Yes thank you.... aaaaaaaaaahhh lol.... i thought you were offering.. but yeah is from there.. fave movie of all time.

and yeah it comes to $48 and they email you a egift card...

but it might come out on your spam foder so watch out.. and there was a coupon for 10% off with the email confirmation but you gotta use it before 10/15/08 so yeah that means in the next 2 days.. i'm probably gonna buy Socom with that coupon.. anyhow.. good break for us gamers thou..

iHEARTboobs3685d ago

If you liked Snatch you should also like "Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels." You might have seen it already but if you haven't, check it out. Great characters in both movies.

Hagaf223685d ago

just another reason not to buy it at gamestop. i preorder to get the bonus and then cancel a week before the game comes out.

shovelbum3685d ago

It would take a lot more than that to get me into a CC. They have the worse customer service ever!! (IMHO) I even heard a manager at an adjacent bookstore send a customer across town to a BB instead of next door to a CC. rant over. ANyway LBP beta proved one thing to me - first day purchase.

Hershy9993685d ago

The employees at my Circuit City are alright, but you can't expect them to know a lot about videogames because there's much more than video games at Circuit City.

Sitdown3685d ago

when I had preorder they were only doing $10 gift cards. Just make sure that you want the game from there...cause if you return it, you do not get your $15 back that they used on the gift card.

SketchCA3684d ago

Ever since they laid off all their store associates over a certain limit of pay scale a couple months ago, I haven't been in since. Have had the unpleasant experience of working in retail and to be sh#t on so blatantly by corporate suits leads me never step foot in their store again.

AAACE53684d ago (Edited 3684d ago )

On the surface... it looks like CC doesn't think the game will sell well!

But the truth is, they probably didn't get as many preorders as they wanted to. CC wants to be the place where you buy games, but they gave theirself a bad rep early, and now have to give away giftcards and discounts to get people in the store!

I know, cause I have recently looked to see if CC was giving anything away with a game before I went to the other stores that I really shop at.

@Gambit07... CCusually has something like this when popular games come out. And you can probably find the same deal in a sunday paper!

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Gambit073685d ago

is this only at the online store?

deeznuts3685d ago

I think you may be able to go instore and order it. But you cannot go online and do instore pickup, which is what my lazy butt wanted to do.

bunbun7773685d ago

So now with the Kratos exclusive costumes costing me 15.00, how can I justify going to Gamestop? Can I justify the price for skins? How the heck is CC doing this, they cant be making any money but they are smart and 15 in CC goods is not nearly as much as 15 in cash, especially if it helps you buy the new PSEYE-- that must be it.

pixelsword3685d ago

...I just have to remember to get there early enough to secure a copy.

jerethdagryphon3685d ago

blast your way clear :)

no seriously early is best

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