'God of War' Triumphs Because It Confronts Its Own Bloody Legacy | Vice

Kratos has always been a sad, unlikable asshole, but in giving him something to live for—a son who questions his decisions, his violence—he's finally given a real test.

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narsaku64d ago

Grinds woman in door gate, forever trash.

Araragifeels 64d ago (Edited 64d ago )

We have ourselves a salty snowflake just because Kratos kill Poseidon lover in a horrible way.

TallonIV64d ago Show
StormSnooper64d ago

Hope you don’t mean liberal because I’m more liberal leaning and I don’t see anything wrong with GoW. If killing banshees isn’t your thing you don’t have to play it and then complain that its too violent or what not.

Imalwaysright64d ago

Holy crap this review is filled with spoilers. Don't watch this if you don't want the game to be spoiled.

AlphaCentyros64d ago

Was about to watch it, so thanks for the heads up!

Eidolon63d ago

Thx. WTF is with no warnings in headline or video. I'll be playing this a day after release, sadly

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WilliamSheridan64d ago

I really hope this game does at least 10 million units. These games need to be rewarded with sales.

Shiken64d ago

It will have mine, it deserves so much more.

CP_Company64d ago

i predict 7M+ first month..

Inzo64d ago

Why do gaming journalist keep saying Kratos was an unlikable character? I loved him as a character.

BeardedDrachen64d ago

He was just very 1 dimensional.. (and at the time that was OK). Characters need to be more complex in 2018..

passenger7764d ago

Yeah but you like him in his ... assholery. He is, or was, an anti-hero

BeardedDrachen64d ago

I think the game went into the right direction of reinventing itself... games like Halo and Gears could learn from this. (Would be neat if Halo went 3rd person).

Shiken64d ago

Yeah, it did need to evolve. But Sony has always been good with that.

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